The idea that we’re all in control of how to get more satisfaction in our life, is a fact I often need to remind myself of.

After my deviation last week from normal predictable reliable blogger, to instead posting up a short video, the feedback from many of you lead me to have one of my all too enjoyable “duh” moments. I love to embrace my duh moments. Why? Because of the motivation I feel when realising how effective I can be. They also remind me I had the answer inside of me all along. To all of you who thanked me for my openness and honesty, you lead me straight toward what I already knew.

So, what did my most recent duh moment bring me? This.

Regardless of the stress and strain I live under, I know how to get more satisfaction into my life. Even in unsatisfying times.

In our quest for more satisfaction, I strongly encourage the use of one thing in particular. Be grateful. Being grateful frees our thoughts and allows for our mood or perspective to shift. It’s truly that simple. Let me explain by using myself as an example.

I love helping people. Simple as that. I use this fact as a pivot for altering my state of mind. When I’m feeling that life isn’t going so well, I remind myself of what I love to do. And then, I do it. If I see an opportunity to help I take it.

Recently I was riding a tram home when that opportunity came up. A lady next to me tells the person on the other end of her phone that she can’t make tonight. Her husband has suddenly died. She finishes her call and I ask, “excuse me but R U OK?” She answers with yes, because she’s a doctor. I apologised for intruding but I’m an R U OK? community ambassador. “Isn’t that funny “ she replied, “ my husband committed suicide”. And then her expression changes to one of gratitude as she smiles and pats me on the arm. We made a little small talk as we rode toward her stop, and then she thanked me again and left the tram.

And then?

Right after that, I became grateful for what had happened. Immediately I felt satisfied that I’d spread some good in the world. And that small act alone, lifted my mood and altered my way of thinking. I was also grateful to be reminded that even from little things, big impacts can be made.

Before talking with that lady, my own plate of “stuff” in life looked worse than hospital food with a bad hair day. But that plate had suddenly become a meal I felt I could stomach. My perspective had shifted, my way of thinking improved, all from doing what I love. Helping people.

For me that’s how to get more satisfaction in my life, and I believe these moments are all around you too. Take five minutes out of whatever you’re doing to inject a little gratitude into your day, and see the difference it makes. Use gratitude everywhere, at work, at play, at home, or alone. Start small and notice the little things. For instance, I’m grateful for the roof over my head and the clothes on my back. A 7am morning walk down any main street in Melbourne is enough to remind me what it’d be like if I didn’t have either. Streets are full of rough-sleepers nowadays.

And also?

Be grateful not only for stuff and things, but for people too. If you’re a boss or a manager, see the positive impact you can have by showing gratitude to the people who work for you. And those closest to you, tell them about your gratitude for them and see what happens!

Satisfaction can be yours to have, regardless of your current place in life. I believe that 100%. Sure, when life puts us in some not-so satisfying places, That idea may sound a bit too airy fairy. But, as a person who’s well versed in mindset and mental health, all it takes is one tiny spot of light to show us the way out of an otherwise darkened room.

One last thing, be grateful for YOU. Because no matter what you think you do in this world, someone out there is grateful for you too. If you can see something positive in any facet of work or life, then you already know how to get more satisfaction into your life. And I’m hoping that thought is enough to give you your own positive Duh!

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