The only way off a hamster wheel, is to stop running around inside one.

For the past three weeks, I’ve written about the positives of including accountability in your life. Week 1, what it means to be accountable. Week 2, ways to incorporate it. Week 3, what can happen if your plans come unstuck. But this week I’m not writing about accountability. I’m writing about something far more common, and far less positive or empowering.

I can’t name it because it’s not a word or a phrase. It’s a feeling. How do you describe that feeling when you’re all set to go, but realise you’re not actually going anywhere? And then that moment when you see it for yourself, the sense of resignation, could you describe that feeling too?


I’ve heard people use the word stuck to describe it. Stuck is a good word, but to a point. In my 30yrs of experience, feeling stuck is akin to the part of an iceberg we can see. The rest of it, under the water line, is where the real issues are. I know it, and you know it. Those closest to us can all see it. And yet, we do very little about it, our big lump, floating below the surface. Why is that?

The real kicker? You know just as well as I do that this exists. Even if you’re only slightly self-aware of your habits and traits, you’re also aware of the voice inside your head that always tells us what our iceberg is made up of.

Have you ever sat quietly and wondered what the hell is going on, and why you haven’t hit your mark? Ever felt stressed more often than satisfied? Ever had an idea/dream/goal, and made a killer plan to achieve it? But then something happened. You weren’t sure what or how, but now you’re upset and nothing seems to be happening at all.


This is the hamster wheel of life. No matter what we do above the surface, nothing changes to our iceberg below. It forms the base of who we are, and it’s the hardest part to alter. It’s big and heavy, and the further down it goes the darker it can get.

In post 1 I shared my tips on mindset and how it aides in obtaining the best from accountability. Click here for a quick refresher. There’s a reason I spoke of mindset early in the piece, here’s why.

If any of the above resonates with you in the slightest of ways, accountability on its own is not going to help. In fact, it’s likely to push your mindset in a negative direction. Those stats I quoted last week will stand the test of time. Only 2% of you who’ve read all my recent posts are likely to employ the free tools I’ve provided you. Because your mindset, your iceberg base, rejected the ideas.

But here’s the thing. When I first started on the path I’m now on my main driving factor was my BIG reason why. That being, I don’t want anyone to live the decade long dark part of life that I did. I want to help people create long lasting positive shifts in their mindset and their way of thinking. That’s why I am passionate about helping people achieve what it is THEY say matters. And that’s why I created my “Shift Your View In A Day” workshop.

My Offering.

My workshop is focused on helping you to change not what you think, but the way you think. Mindset is your key to creating cool stuff in your life. It’s also the reason you don’t. If you’ve ever felt like you could “get things done” but wanted a little help with figuring out why you’re not, my workshop is likely to be what you’ve been wanting.

If you know deep down, below the surface of your iceberg, your mindset needs a tune up, or an increase in clarity, or a clearer sense of direction, then click this link and check out my workshop. By the way at the bottom of the page, you’ll see I’m offering you a hefty discount.

If you want to have your ideas/dreams/goals come true, the first step is to be accountable to yourself. Is now your time to say “yep a little help is needed” and become a participant? You’ve nothing to lose because I stand by my satisfaction guarantee.

Click this link here, check out my one day workshop, see the discount, and know that my 30yrs of experience in managing/mentoring/leading people is going to go a long way toward you achieving what YOU say matters.

Then again, you could just go back and read my last three blogs on accountability, try to implement my tips and suggestions, but ask yourself this. Is it going to turn out for you like it always has? Are you still hamster-wheeling? And still hearing the voice inside your head that knows it?

Click here, read more, see that it’s risk free and definitely worth your while. Time to get off your hamster wheel.

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P.S Yours free, click here for an e-copy of my biography “Shift Your View”.

Simon Sharky Clark

Helping people in business, large or small, to improve performance, shift their mindset, and enjoy better mental health.



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