The Weight Of Self-Doubt Part II

My unapologetically self-indulgent journey continues. Yes I’m still talking about me, but the same ulterior motive still exists. I want to share my lessons learned with all of you.

If you not read my last post on self-doubt, please start here. It’s the best way for you to gain maximum benefit from my observations. In the last post I wrote about embarking on the first step in my plan to break the grip of my self-doubts.

Step 1 Relax.

Tuesday night I grabbed my laptop and my darling Wifey and headed to bed. It was only 8:00pm. Wifey provided some ice-cream and some chocolate, I provided a DVD. For two hours we unplugged from the world. A relaxing time tucked up in bed with a comedy to giggle at and comfort food to nibble at. Bliss.

Step 2 Reduce Overwhelm.

This became much easier after making one simple admission. I cannot be all things, do all things, and achieve all things at once. So I stopped expecting myself to. All current projects large and small must stop now. I need time to reflect and breathe. I like breathing and reflecting, it provides massive amounts of clarity.

Step 3 Acknowledge Proof.

On Wednesday morning 6am I published my blog post on my self-belief issues. By 7am the proof started flooding in. It made me cry. A lot. Thank you to EMH, MG, AF, SM, PB, RB, SB, CS, GH, PFM, SA and BM. You showed me the proof of what I can do for others.

Step 4 was direction

Thursday day was spent examining my situation. My self-doubts were still there, but the fear of succumbing to them wasn’t. I then chose to focus my energy on one particular aspect of my business and my life. That which gives back to others, and empowers me to do what I love. I help people create long lasting positive impacts in their lives. I do that best when I work directly with others. Therefore my focus shall be shifted to my workshops. Everything else can wait thank you very much.

Step 4.5 was to prioritise.

This wasn’t in my original plan, I added it along the way. Now that I have direction and proof I need to prioritise. But before doing that, an important first step. I need to let go of everything I’m currently hanging on to, plans and short-term goals wise.

Friday was re-invent my plan day, and with massive amounts of trepidation I wiped away all my existing priority graphs, my to-do lists, and my task lists.

My whiteboard was blank, except for one of my most personal and effective motivational mantras.

Clean slate, clean start. Oh boy. But I believe I can do this.

Step 5 was self-belief.

There’s been a significant improvement here. By altering my behaviour I have shifted my mindset. No I am not 100% convinced that I have triumphed over my fears and self-doubts. But what I have managed to do is arrest their grip on me. I have prevented them from consuming me and holding me back. My self-limiting beliefs are now being pushed back into their trenches thanks to me taking action directly against them.

The last and final step in my current plan is to keep going. If I want to rise above my self-doubt monster and get back to being effective in my dreams and goals, it’s up to me to DO something toward achieving that. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts, but just as I had asked of you in my last post, it’d be great to have more pen-pals who’d like to share their journeys with me too. Email me at and tell me what you’re up against. Or leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re about to change in your life.

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