Blunt and confronting post ahead. Been rough for me lately. I’m fighting back using my not so warm ‘n fuzzy mindset tools.

With a quick google search it’s not hard to find hundreds of inspiring quotes related to fighting for what you want in life. But they’re all worth about as much as a second hand tea spoon unless they stir something inside you.

Reality, on occasion, can be in stark contrast to the beauty that is an inspirational quote combined with a pretty picture. This we know. We also know that sometimes, life can be a bit of a shit. It likes to kick you in places that hurt. And it might like to do that again and again and again. Fighting back against that is tough.

But reality also teaches us that tough times are just part of life’s furniture. Hopefully, inside our lounge-room of living, we’ve created a comfortable space. It’ll come in handy when the rug is inevitably pulled from under us. hopefully we land on something far more appealing than a cold concrete slab! Fighting with concrete is not good, just sayin’. Anyway, I’m babbling. On to my point.

Fighting The Fire

I decided this morning I’d write about how I’ve been employing my trusty set of mindset tools. They’ve been helping me through the many “kick to the goolies” moments I’ve had recently. I wanted to dispense with motivational quotes and explain that the basis for my current set of actions all revolve around this statement.

If you’ve been knocked down, get your arse straight back up. Keep fighting.

I am after all, human. And like you, or any other person, I have darker moments where much fighting is required. To fight effectively in such moments, I use specific mindset tools. In life’s toughest of times, I adopt a simple and empowering approach. perfect for when things are far from simple or empowering. And because I’m a giver, they’re listed below. Blunt, yet remarkably effective. So if you’ve just been kicked hard, and it hurts like a (insert preferred expletive), please use these to your fighting benefit.

Fighting Well

  • Express your emotions as required. It’s harmful to suppress them. But once done, quit whinging and be prepared to try again. Remember, what didn’t work last time won’t work again. Stop the repetitive hoping, start some purpose-filled action.
  • Rest, recharge, then act. Late nights, early mornings, and sleep deprivation do not promote wonderful ideas. They lead to making shitty decisions. Don’t try to work out life on 3hrs sleep. May as well be fighting blindfolded. It’s important to take time to relax and gather up your thoughts
  • Clarify. What exactly is it you want? And for the sake of your chosen deity keep it simple. I always opt for breaking complex problems apart and fighting with smaller pieces. Catastrophising causes confusion, cut it out and give yourself a chance. You’ll never get anywhere unless you an idea of where you have some idea of where you want to go.
  • Be a better version of yourself, even if it’s only a little bit. Nobody I’ve ever met enjoyed living a drama-filled emotional roller-coaster of a life. It sucks big time. Be willing to see in even the tiniest of ways how you could alter your perspective. Shift your view and begin to envision a mental picture of what you’re fighting for. And fight well.
  • It’s amazing what one tiny spark can do, so use of it. Think of the snowball effect and start rolling the moment your motivation begins to return. Dismissing possibilities instead of fighting for them keeps people stuck right where they are. If you feel a spark, start a fire.
  • Stop wishing, start asking. If there’s help on offer, take it. But you’ll never know unless you ask for it. Nobody is reading our mind, and understanding exactly how to help us. It’s up to us to communicate effectively. And once help has been engaged, show gratitude towards it.

Fighting On

Nobody ever achieved anything without hard work. The urge to quit because everything’s all too hard is one piece of life I’m well versed in. In those moments, fighting appears to be the hardest of options. But take it from me, as someone who tried to actually quit life, shit gets better. But we have to make it better. It’s not up to others.

And most importantly, lighten up. Once I’ve gone through this latest of rough patches I’ll be rewarding myself with a well-earned bit of fun. I know exactly what that fun is, and because I can see my end-goal, current events all seeming remarkably achievable. With a little hard work of course.

How about you? You doing OK? Fighting? Need some help? Remember, all you gotta do is ask.

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