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Hamzah Selim
Jun 6, 2020 · 4 min read

We have identified a growing issue in dementia care, and have duly responded with an effective solution.

The problem 🌍

Dementia is an arduous disease. It is the leading cause of death in the UK, and one in six individuals is expected to develop the condition by age 85 (1). Critically, an estimated 62% of all dementia patients are undiagnosed, for whom the disease is even more traumatising (2). Unknowingly living with dementia is distressing for the individual, incurs familial and financial hardship, and engenders risky behaviour (3). Presently, COVID-19 has compounded this problem by leaving society’s most vulnerable, the elderly, afraid or unable to access vital neurological care. Inabilities for patients to monitor disease progression, seek treatment, or screen new-onset dementia will have a devastating impact on both the individual and the NHS beyond the current pandemic. However, early diagnosis significantly improves prognosis and attenuates psychological and emotional stress (4). Hence, the development of a remote screening tool would increase accessibility and quality of neurological care.

Our solution 🧠

Mindset is a mobile application that comprehensively screens for dementia by guiding the user through clinically validated diagnostic tests. Based on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines, Mindset screens for neurological anomalies and uses artificial intelligence to accurately flag clinically relevant findings. By directly assessing 12 distinct symptoms, our technology goes beyond competitor solutions who rely on self-reported symptoms. In an initial pilot study conducted at Imperial College London, our approach to cognitive screening showed to outperform the GP on average. Mindset aims to safeguard the most vulnerable members of society, delivering the neurological care they deserve from the safety of their homes.

What sets us apart 💅

Mindset is designed around the most important aspect of healthcare: the patient. With the goal of making care accessible and effortless for an elderly population, everything from button size to our patient-driven cadence has been optimised. By continuously working with patients, we have engineered a warm bedside manner into our user experience. Second, our clinically-validated diagnostic tests are intelligently stacked to analyse multiple symptoms in tandem, cutting assessment time four-fold. Keeping in line with good clinical practice, we make certain that patient data is kept confidential and safe. Ultimately our focus is to deploy an intuitive application in a manner which ensures proper diagnosis, safety of patients and clinicians, and security of data above all else.

Where we’re at 🎯

Come August 2020, we will launch Mindset 3.0 to the AppStore. Drawing on over two years of collaboration with patients and academics, we have engineered a platform through which dementia research and care can blossom. The purpose of a wide-scale launch will be to catalyse the training of our artificial intelligence to not only be exemplary at understanding the minutiae of neurological health, but also to detect early presentations and monitor risk-factors for dementia. This is our rationale for our public AppStore launch:

Where we’re going 🧗‍♂️

Post-launch, we intend to construct a clinician interface and attain a CE Mark. Additionally, we aim to expand Mindset’s diagnostic repertoire by implementing additional diagnostic tests. These efforts will allow Mindset to monitor patients remotely and effectively optimise treatment plans. Given that our founding goal is to improve the quality of life of all dementia patients, through CE marking we plan to formally integrate our tool into the NHS. Mindset’s adoption as a NHS screening tool could significantly reduce NHS dementia-related spending, improve patient prognosis, and most importantly, ensure care is accessible to all.


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Dementia care, beyond the clinic.

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Mindset’s mission is to provide accurate, accessible and affordable dementia care at the touch of a button. Integrating artificial intelligence and an intuitive patient-centric design, Mindset enables patients to take ownership of their health whilst reducing healthcare costs.

Hamzah Selim

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Mindset’s mission is to provide accurate, accessible and affordable dementia care at the touch of a button. Integrating artificial intelligence and an intuitive patient-centric design, Mindset enables patients to take ownership of their health whilst reducing healthcare costs.

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