The New MindSpaceApocalypse Library

Below are some examples of the books you can find, just click to read them, and we’ll always be adding more on everything from Movies, Monsters, Horror, Alchemy, Magick, Demonic Possession, the Occult, Witches and Witchcraft to Serial Killers, Conspiracies and Secret Societies..
Cults and Mind Control, The REAL History plus Mysteries, Urban Legends, Myths & Folklore, Government Files on various subjects like Project Monarch and MKUltra, Murders, and UFOs for example.
Plus Weird Tales, Horror Comics, Pulp Magazines, Tales of Terror, Graphic Novels, Art, and the works of favorites like Aldous Huxley, H.P. Lovecraft, Fritz Springmeier, Clive Barker, Thomas Paine, Orwell, Blavatsky, Poe.. infamous books like Hollywood Babylon (1&2), Theatrum Chemicum, The TRANCEformation of America, Unshackled, Hermes Green Tablet, The Goblet of Truth, Project Blue Book, even the motherf**kin’ Big Tall Book of Make-Believe, and more..