Why MindSports IO is a Key Crowdsale for Chess Geeks

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You go on Instagram and Facebook all you see are upcoming token sale with ridiculous pre-sale discounts. More and more token sales are launched every day and keeping track of it can be tiresome, difficult and annoying. The use of ethereum blockchain can be used in various aspects, and gaming with betting aspect is definitely an interesting one. At MindSports IO, we like to think of ourselves as the big fish in the small pond of mind sports enthusiasts. Well… not really that small of a pond. (Read about the opportunity here) We are experts in this field and have the correct DNA to sync the mind sport community with the technology of blockchain.

There are various token sales in the market related to gaming such as Gimli which put an emphasis on streamers, or ETHbet, a platform for dicing games. However, we beg to differ.

Decentralized Social Gaming Platform

MindSports IO works with key leaders and grandmasters in various mind sports associations to create a decentralized social gaming platform for intellectual games such as Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), Bridge and Go. Unlike most traditional platforms out there, MIND token holders can host tournaments or leagues for the community and be rewarded for creating engagements. People from all walks of life; beginners, professionals, school clubs, official sponsors of tournaments, charities are able to use our decentralized platform MindSportsIO to host, create and play games.

We also invite third-party developers to use our DApps and API to create tournament and leagues outside of our MindSports IO platform.

By snowing / Freepik

Back to the MindSports IO platform, to address the concern of people having a disadvantage against more experienced players, we like to highlight another feature that allows players to randomize the type of mind sports, or pieces in the game, along with other handicap options to level the playing field when challenging a player online.

The issue of cheating is a very popular concern as well. Although it is impossible to detect all sorts of cheating occurring online, the help of mature technologies allow MindSports IO to detect and spot people cheating in games with most bots and engines.

This is also a long-term issue that we would like to invite the mind sport community to discuss and improve.


Unlike many token sales out there, it is important for MindSports IO to have a real use of the Ethereum Blockchain. The introduction of betting and hosting smart contracts reassures users a robust and trustworthy environment, while the absence of a centralized host will reduce the costs necessary to maintain the system.

With blockchain technology, transactions are fast, secure, and reliable. We have a great platform for the mind sport community and is excited to make it a reality.

A working demo of MindSports IO is on your way stay tuned!

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