What does an opinion worth these days?

Worth. It differs from one to another. What more if the subject here is an opinion. Often we find that our opinion matters or weighs more than others and when we enter a discussion, we would want our weight measured. Is it worth then to have our opinion heard? Mindthe-Gap through #CreatingCuriosity explores having an opinion or what options do we have when we are asked to react.

Perhaps our silence scares us so much that we would rather give any reaction, right or wrong…

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A penny for your thought?

Once upon a distant time, one’s thoughts or opinions are very much valued upon and words carry weight. Let’s not dwell in the past shall we. Today, just anyone and everyone has an reaction on a subject and with technology, that reaction can be amplified or nullified or even vilified, depending on how it is presented, argued and received in a forum. And guess what, just as you think yours’s matter, it gets lost in all the noise around the subject, and in time it’s forgotten.

So why do we so often react on a subject matter? Does it make us less intelligent if we don’t have a stand or background on the subject? Or care less? Perhaps our silence scares us so much that we would rather give any reaction, right or wrong, we gave a piece of our mind because it is required from us given the context and situation. That really depends on what category our piece of mind falls into. By knowing which context, we can start to give the appropriate reaction. And there are several ways we can react.

The ‘Peace of Mind’ Matrix

MindThe-Gap : The “Peace of Mind” Matrix
  1. Control : When we are engaged in a forum or a conversation, we must remember we do have control over the situation and how we choose to respond. We can choose to agree, add or walk away even without having to have the last say. It may be an High Impact situation, but as long as it is not Time Sensitive, we always have control over what we need to react.
  2. With-Hold : When it is neither High Impact to ourselves, the situation or the other parties, nor is it Time Sensitive, we can With-Hold. But take the time to research or study the context to which we are approached. Use it so when it gets Time Sensitive and High Impact, we are ready to give our best possible reaction. Even an opinion.
  3. Evaluate : The best thing to know about Control, With-Hold and Evaluate is that you are in the best situation to react. Time Sensitive is not an indication of an Emergency. Many a times, we feel that it is imperative, but as most situations play out to be, it can wait. So evaluate. Perhaps even delay if you can buy some time or provide just a response and choose not to give strong statements or opinion on this matter.
  4. Engage : Finally, the situation and context requires us to enter into an environment where we are all prepared to Engage. An Engagement is when you know you are needed and to provide a reacting that must have an outcome for reasons that are beneficial or contradicts the purpose or both. But be mindful of it. Every Engagement requires your effort and use the ‘Piece of Mind’ Matrix below to craft or navigate what your way the best possible in any given situation.

The ‘Piece of Mind’ Matrix

“I may choose to not react or respond” if it is not important and you know nothing about it.

MindThe-Gap : The “Piece of Mind” Matrix

Day in, day out, be it in a social context or having an online chat, we are required to react with information that is in our best knowledge and ability contributes to the overall conversation. Use the ‘Piece of Mind’ Matrix above to guide what type of response you can give and be upfront about it. For example, tell the group or the person, “My thoughts on this is…” when your knowledge on the subject matter is low but it is important for you to say something. Or “I may choose to not react or respond” if it is not important and you know nothing about it. And in the case of it being Highly Important and you have a wealth of Knowledge about it, then weigh in your Opinion or make a Statement on it because it is a subject of your expertise and interest. We find this most helpful when we are in a new environment with new people we are interacting with. Go ahead and try it out.

What is needed of me? Only then an opinion is worth giving.

The situation is Engaging. And you have Knowledge of the subject matter and it is of High Importance to your reputation. relationship or even your social network. You need to react as it requires of you. Weigh in your opinion as it will be seen a worthy act on your side. Make it known it is your opinion and trust us. It is worth it. It is worth it when a friend is in dire need of an advise or your partner needs a decision from you in making a joint purchase. Or a colleague is looking for your advice so he or she can move with the project. All these are worth speaking only of you have thought what is needed of you. That is right. Clarify on how you can help or what is the plausible outcomes that will navigate the course of the situation. Do not just have an opinion for opinion sake. You can have a thought, a reaction or even an answer. Be mindful of your opinions because it reflects on you and your decision making process. How much is it worth you ask? A lot if you know how to give it.



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