How to Implement a Curved RecyclerView in Android

The Early Thoughts

Enough of the chit-chat, diving into the real problem here; as complex as it might seem, it's pretty simple once you get into the hang of the mathematics behind it.

The What

Well, long story short, that's the animation we had on hand, quite breathtaking, but after giving it a few thoughts, we can break it down into a straightforward concept:

The How

Breaking this down and following Polly’s video earlier, I decided first to try and replicate a circular recycler view implementation first. There are quite a bit of maths behind it.

Breakdown of the math behind shifting an item downwards
Don’t panic yet.
The maths turned into functional code.


To me, this was a pretty exciting experiment — combining mathematics with real-life UI implementation. Of course, we hadn’t had the exact implementation I showed earlier. With some UI touches in your RecyclerView and its adapter, you will be able to reach the same behavior you need.

A software craftsman @ Mindvalley, with lots and lots of love to engineering mobile crafts and automating stuff.

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