3 Counterintuitive Methods to Build a Highly Successful Coaching Practice

If you’re looking for ideas on how to build a successful coaching practice, I know how you feel… Overwhelmed. Confused. Maybe even a little frustrated.

Am I right? Here’s the thing… When it comes to building a successful coaching practice, there’s way too much information out there.

“Then why are you jumping in, Ajit? Why are you adding to the massive pool of ideas, tips, techniques, strategies, steps and all the rest?”

I hear you and here’s the answer: it’s because a lot of the information that you see that’s about building a great coaching practice, is kind of the same. You may find ideas and strategies on someone’s blog, on Facebook, in books or even on the website of an official coaching organization…

They’re all almost alike: find your niche, get referrals, know your ideal customer, send out newsletters, build your tribe. Don’t get me wrong. These are awesome ideas. I’ve even written about some of them myself.

But there are also less common and equally powerful ways to expand your coaching practice. These methods are great for new coaches who are just starting out but feel free to try them even if you’ve been a coach for a while.

Counterintuitive Method #1: Don’t Find a Niche

I know what you’re thinking. This flies in the face of all those sales and marketing gurus who push this point again and again and again… Find your niche. Find your niche. Find your niche.

Yes, it’s good to know your niche…

Do you want to coach entrepreneurs who are moms?

Do you want to focus on clients with body image issues?

Are you interested in helping people increase their self-esteem?

There are (literally) thousands and thousands or even millions of niches out there and finding one can be harder than most people think. A great way to get moving toward a successful coaching practice is to set aside the enormous task of finding a niche, and jump right in instead.

What I mean by this is that you should start out by coaching everyone. Your neighbour, your best friend, your mom, the postman. Coach anyone and everyone who’s willing to spend a few minutes getting help from you. This is a powerful method, especially for brand, new coaches.

You get to put in the time and gain the critical experience that’s needed to understand yourself as a coach. Here’s something that not a lot of marketing and sales gurus tell you…

Before you find a niche, you need to understand yourself as a coach and the best way to do that is to coach. Yes, it will take time. Yes, it may not pay a lot (or at all) for a while but you will be so glad that you put in the effort at the start.

Counterintuitive Method #2: Dial it Down

You’re a coach. You know your stuff. You’re ready to help and serve your clients. You’re ready to rock ‘n roll with your coaching practice. You want to coach as many people as you can in as little time as you can and turn your coaching practice into a roaring success as quickly as you can.

But I’m here to tell you something that you may not want to hear. You need to dial it down a little — at least enough so you can create space to get some coaching of your own.

Yes, I’m suggesting that you get coached and yes, I know it might sound like I’m telling you to do something that’s a giant waste of time. Not to mention money.

But here’s the thing… Getting coached is one of the best ways for you to experience what your clients go through. There’s no better way to understand your clients wants and needs than to step into their shoes.

You’ll learn what to do (and in some cases what not to do) as a coach. If you choose the right coach for yourself, you will certainly get your money’s worth and you will learn strategies and ideas that will help you in your life and business.

You can’t lose.

Counterintuitive Method #3: Live Your Life

Don’t make your entire life about coaching. It’s an important part of your life but it’s only a part of your life.

In my work at Evercoach, where I get to work with hundreds and hundreds of coaches from all over the world, I’ve noticed just about every new coach makes this mistake.

They dedicate all their time, energy and attention to starting and building their coaching practice. And I mean ALL their time. Some of them neglect their personal relationships and their health in their zeal to get their practices off and running. This never, ever works.

One of the most important traits of a great coach is this: they know how to live fully. They understand the value of having all kinds of life experiences and communicating with all kinds of people. You can’t do this if the only people you’re talking to are your clients. You can’t do this if the only relationship in your life is the one you have with your computer.

Go out into the world, enjoy your life and spend time with the ones who matter to you. Every experience you have in the real world will only make you a better, more understanding, more effective coach.

So, if you’re ready to try something fresh, new and different…If you’re ready to build your coaching practice to create the kind of impact and income that you’re hoping for…

Start with these 3 counterintuitive but powerful ways to build a successful coaching practice. You’ll be surprised at how quickly things shift and transform when you do.

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