4 Ways You Can Meditate to Attract Prosperity in Your Life

“With meditation I found a ledge above the waterfall of my thoughts.” 
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Millions of people around the world practice meditation on a regular basis. It can provide you with countless benefits.

When you meditate often, your body becomes lighter and more relaxed. You temporarily turn off your chattering mind and improve your circulation and your heart rate.

Meditation replenishes your body energy and helps you gain serenity and plenitude. It leads you to physical relaxation, so you can make use of your most powerful mental resources. Your mind also works easier after you’ve reduced its stress level. All these positive effects have been proven by medical research.

When you meditate, you free yourself from disruptive thoughts and emotions. You get more clarity about your problems.

Here are some tips for meditating:

1. Be Still

To meditate, choose a very a quiet room. Turn off your mobile phone or disconnect the landline.

You can either sit or lie down on the floor or on a bed. If you are lying down, keep your knees raised or straight.

Be as relaxed as possible. Become aware of any emotional unrest or tension and release it.

Scan your body mentally to see which areas of your body are tense. You can affirm or visualize that each part is becoming more relaxed. You can imagine your whole body bathed by a bright light. Or it can be a soft substance such as honey.

2. Tune into Your Body

Another way of relaxing your body is tensing your muscles, and then releasing all tension. You can imagine that tension is like a passing cloud flying away from your body.

A widespread technique of meditation is to relax and concentrate only on your breath. The ideal respiration for meditation comes from the abdominal (your belly area). Your breathing should be deep and slow.

Put your hand on your belly and feel it inflating. Imagine that your belly is like a jar. With each inhalation, it fills up. And with each exhalation, it empties.

3. Add a Mantra

You can use a mantra to accompany your meditation practice. A mantra is a word or sentence repeated rhythmically. You should say the mantra in slow motion. If possible, it should be in sync with your respiration.

Some mantras are “om,”one,” or “peace.”Om” represents the universal sound that connects you to the unlimited source of provision. You can also repeat the mantra “love.” Then imagine your body full of loving energy.

You can also use “visual” mantras. Imagine an image or symbol with an important meaning for you. You can also contemplate a bright object with your eyes open. This object can be a candle or a lamp. Observe it in a silent and calm way.

4. Visualize

You can also use visualization when you meditate. You can imagine that a beam of light enters your body from the top of your head. See this light cleansing your whole body.

Then observe this light coming from the soles of your feet. It goes to the center of the Earth. And then it comes back to you with vital energy.

This beam of light can be golden, violet, or white. Imagine radiating this light out of your body. See this light reaching every person in the world.

When you meditate, witness your thoughts and feelings. Do not judge or label them. Imagine you are an outsider, you are an external observer. Imagine your thoughts and emotions as if they were passing clouds or ascending bubbles. If your mind wanders, ask yourself, What am I focused on?” Then concentrate on your breathing.

You should devote around fifteen minutes to meditation everyday. Meditate after waking up or before going to bed.

Meditation for Greater Prosperity

Meditation is very important to attract more prosperity into your life. The practice of meditation lifts your vibration. This is beneficial for the manifestation of your desires.

Regularly practicing meditation helps you use visualizations or affirmations. It makes you more aware of your connection to the almighty universal forces. It quiets your inner critic and de-clutters your emotions. When you meditate, you withdraw your awareness from the current, negative circumstances (e.g, lack of money). Your main focus is inside, not outside.

When you meditate, ask the Universe some questions, for example:

  • What are the most important ways to manifest more money?
  • What are the main money opportunities around me?
  • What lessons can I take from my negative financial circumstances?
  • How can I use my talents to overcome my current money challenges?
  • How can I perceive my current financial situation in a more positive manner?

The answers to those questions can appear during the meditation process. They can also appear afterwards. They can be words, sounds, or images. You might bump into people or books that provide you with these answers.

You must welcome these answers thankfully. Do not not adopt a judgmental attitude toward them.

Act on these signals whenever possible. If you cannot act immediately, take note of them.

When you take action on these revelations, you will feel delighted and authentic. Your actions will tend to be more effortless.

Always take action on revelations coming out from meditation. You will realize that your life becomes more prosperous.

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