Discover How to Boost Your Confidence With These 7 Tricks

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” 
Theodore Roosevelt (Tweet This)

The world is full of endless opportunities, but it may seem like they’re passing you by. More than likely, that isn’t what’s going on. What if opportunities aren’t passing by? What if you’re actually stopping yourself from taking them?

Low confidence can prevent you from jumping aboard the opportunities presented to you. If you don’t feel good enough, smart enough, or “whatever” enough to take a chance, you’ll never reap the rewards of success or learn the lessons of failure.

Most people think that confidence comes from becoming successful and achieving desired results. That’s totally backwards! In fact, increasing your confidence and self-esteem actually makes you more likely to succeed!

Confidence = Success

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” 
— Dalai Lama

Positivity does not create itself; you have to nourish it and nurture it in every aspect of your life. When you are positive that you are good enough, you then become good enough. That seems oversimplified, but in reality, confidence is simple.

It doesn’t appear simple, because it doesn’t feel it. The difficulty stems from your low self-esteem, which is usually rooted in negative beliefs about yourself. Once you begin to practice compassion with yourself and others, you will notice those false, limiting beliefs keeping you from the success and happiness you deserve.

Gaining confidence is a matter of shifting your perspective and finding positivity in each of your limitations. When you do, opportunities you’ve never before seen will make themselves known. Confidence opens your eyes and gives you the courage to take action.

7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Here are a few actions you can take to inspire you to be confident in your capacity as a valuable human being. These are in no particular order. You may find some are more terrifying than the others; begin with those.

1. Look the Part

The exterior is a window to the interior. It doesn’t take long for inner feelings of worthlessness to manifest themselves in shaggy clothes, unshaven stubble, and poor hygiene habits. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Fake it till’ you make it”? Sometimes, simply looking the part of a confident person can help you feel that you are worthy of attention, affection, and admiration. Besides, looking great feels great, and even if you don’t think you deserve to feel good, the truth is you do!

2. Touch Up That Self-Image

Often, we will often risk physical harm and embarrassment to save our self-image. Since it’s so important to confidence, try practicing a little self-image grooming. Change a thought like, “I am such a jerk,” to something like, “I have been a jerk, but that’s all changed because…” and finish with a worthy affirmation. Do this for each negative notion you think about yourself; do it every day. Soon you will change your world by altering how you think of yourself.

3. Think Positive

“Tell me how you think and feel about yourself, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Truer words have never been spoken. We can get in the habit of playing a destructive, endless loop of negative self-talk in our minds. The good news is our every thought can be transformed. All you have to do is swap your negative thoughts for positive ones.

For example, “I’ll never be good enough,” transforms to, “I am good enough, and I can be even better.”

4. Squash Negativity

To practice positive thinking, you will need to be aware of such negative thoughts. Negativity is all around us. Sometimes, you can’t even open your eyes without the reminder of your inadequacy in the face of a boundless universe. Yet, recognizing the subtle signs of a negative thought pattern is the first step in undoing it. When faced with a negative thought, throw your mental strength against it. Gather your energy and squash the negative thoughts! Soon enough, you will notice those ideals gradually diminishing.

5. Know Yourself

Sun Tzu, the military genius accredited with the Art of War, said it is imperative that a general know himself and his enemy; then he will not fear defeat. In the struggle for confidence, there is a side of you playing for your enemy. Your destructive side that trips you up at every corner can only be overcome by knowing yourself fully. Take notes on how you feel and what you think. Many of the negative thoughts we have toward ourselves stem from the most innocuous events and careless remarks. The mind can blow events out of proportion, leaving you limited by plain inadequacies. Take time to analyze the veracity of your fears, and you may find they were all in your head!

6. Fake It Til’ You Make It!

This is worth repeating! Not only is “dressing” the part important, acting the part is even more crucial. That’s right; acting how you feel will only encourage that feeling. Try it on a morning when you are feeling depressed. Make a commitment to smile and greet your acquaintances kindly. You may feel like a fake, but you won’t be at the mercy of your feelings. When you choose to take control of your actions — regardless of how you feel — you are choosing to ignore negative feelings. You are opting instead to empower yourself, and not your negative beliefs.

7. Be Kind and Generous

Sometimes, it is easier to show compassion to others than it is to show it to ourselves. When you choose to be kind and generous to others, you are practicing what you should also be giving to yourself. Confident people treat themselves kindly. They see their needs as equal to those of others. Prideful people put their needs above others, while those with low self esteem often put others’ needs in front of their own. As you practice kindness and generosity, take note and tell yourself, “I deserve this kindness too.” The reality is everyone is deserving of compassion and kindness — even you.

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