How to Start Making Money from Your Favorite Pastimes

“A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” 
Benjamin Franklin (Tweet This)

We’ve all heard the expression, “Freedom comes with a price.” During this past decade, I’ve turned my passions into the way I earn money in the world. I’ve learned some huge lessons along the way.

I have learned what it means to put my faith into a vision that I believe in and move toward it despite fear, self-doubt, a lack of clarity, or even the necessary skills for “how to do it.”

I have always figured out a way to make things work and even when I couldn’t, it still worked out somehow! It feels like this is the reward that comes from the heartache of trusting and trying.

I have worked my ass off, staying resilient and focused through many challenging times and periods of hardship. I’ve undergone a ridiculous amount of personal growth and transformation, as well as the heaviness that comes from the many letdowns and losses along the way.

(Note: Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart!)

I am very grateful that I did everything and that I stayed committed all these years. Now, I’m living with more freedom than ever before.

I am living my dream. It is still in its early stages, but the dream is everywhere I look. I have the life I’ve always wanted. I have now reached my original goal: having a business that allows me the freedom to play professional golf. I also get to wake up when I want (usually at 5am to do yoga, meditate, and play golf).

I choose the clients I want, and I make up my own hours. I have the creative freedom to do anything I can dream of with the entrepreneurial, creative wisdom to make money doing it (and the brilliant friends to do it with).

With that said, here’s 20 tips for the conscious creator, entrepreneur, or artist who wants to turn their passions into their source of income.

1. Know What You Want

Not being clear on WHO you are and WHAT you want sucks.

If that’s the stage of the game of life you’re at right now, then focus on this before doing anything else.

Hire a coach, sign up for a course (I have one starting soon), make a vision board, go on a retreat, start journaling, and ask yourself these very important questions.

2. Create a Solid, Daily Practice

You are absolutely going to need this. It’s why this is step two.

Once you’re clear on what you want, you are then required to do the scariest thing you’ll ever do in your life: Take a leap of faith and 100 percent GO FOR IT.

You must learn to trust and believe in yourself, life, and the universe to support you.

Sometimes it will feel like the whole universe is against you (but it’s not). You’ll need your daily practice to stay grounded and focused on what you want and the lessons to learn.

Without this foundation in your life, it is more likely that you’ll crumble under the pressure.

3. Make Your Exit Plan

Once you’re rooted in your daily practices, you’ll be ready to leave whatever job or life commitments you’re not in love with.

For some who depend on their income for “security” or their children, this is a more complicated matter.

You have one of two choices: Quit right now and never look back. Quit what you’re doing and get something simple and supplemental as you grow your passion…

Or: Give yourself a window of time to transition from what you’re doing and move toward what you want.

Sometimes this new beginning can be selling everything you have, quitting your job, and starting fresh (because we CAN do that if we want).

4. Live Your Passion (Everyday)

Even if it’s only five minutes per day, start now. I learned to meditate by practicing three minutes per day. I learned to play guitar by practicing five minutes per day. I swing the golf club at least five minutes everyday.

Whatever your passion, do it everyday, whether it’s for ten hours or five minutes. Constant improvement and practice makes mastery (eventually).

5. Get Your #&*% Together

Clean and organize your home, office, or creative space and anywhere else your life is a disaster. Clean it up physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Start by cleaning your physical space. With your daily practice and commitment to personal growth, your spiritual and physical spaces will improve.

Simplifying your life is such a wonderful thing to do. Let go of all that doesn’t serve.

6. Love Your People

Your human friends, business connections, and Soul Family are the most important things in the world. Love them. Nurture those relationships.

I owe all of my success to the people who have surrounded me, supported me, empowered me, loved me, marketed for me, and taught me what they know. Without them I would not be who I am or have the life I do — this much I know. Love your people; they are the world!

Pick up the phone, set up play-dates, help them, and tell them you care about them. Oh, and ask for help when you need it. It’s what friends are for!

7. Make a Plan — AKA: A Big To-Do List

A plan is just a fancy word for a big ass to-do list. Once you’re clear on what you want to do, create a huge to-do list of all the tasks and sub-tasks you know you will have to do.

Break those to-do’s down into next steps: Today, this week, this month, next three months, next six months, next 12 months, next 10 years, etc…

8. Learn to Automate Everything

If you want freedom, then you’re going to need to learn to automate your business as much as possible so that it requires less and less time and energy.

9. Have Many $$$ Streams

Just in case one thing runs dry, you’ll need others. Building many streams of income takes time.

Have at least one “bread-and-butter” thing that you can count on, preferably part-time so not all your time goes there. Then, build your other streams of income as you go, doing things you love.

My passions now make me all my money after years of working at it. Start now.

10. ABC = Always Be Creating

Always have a creative project you’re working on, a vision your moving toward, a business you’re building, an eCourse you’re creating, a skill you’re refining, etc.

Don’t be afraid of charging money for these wonderful things you’re going to create. Money is just a lovely, energetic exchange between creator and customer that means “thank you” in the human language.

11. Have a Mastery Mindset

Adopt the mindset that there is no destination. Every step, mistake, practice session, and moment is a part of the big picture.

A master knows there is always room for improvement. So in other words, don’t be silly and think you can get it perfect or that you’ll ever “get there.”

Just enjoy the never-ending journey of growth and learning.

12. Let Your Freak Fly

Crazy is cool, kids! Be the weird one, do what inspires you, wear what makes you feel like yourself, pursue the things that make you come alive, and be YOU.

If that turns people off, then that’s their loss. You rock!

13. Teach!

Teaching has been the greatest way to educate myself. Start teaching classes, designing workshops, and creating eCourses.

It’s fun, and we all have things to share that others will want to learn. Charge money or don’t, just teach! People will thank you.

(See #17 on facing fears if this idea scares you.)

14 Get Online and Do It Right

An ugly, unorganized website will turn people off from taking you serious. Take the time to learn or invest the money to build a beautiful online presence that represents you well.

It doesn’t have to be a crap-load of money, and if you have no money there are loads of awesome templates.

You’re going to need a great website if you’re committed to your freedom lifestyle.

15. Learn to Create an eCourse

As you grow as a teacher and open yourself up to creating many streams of income, creating eCourses will be another step along the way.

16 Work Hard, Play Hard

I go through cycles where sometimes I work two hours a day, and then I go through periods where I’m generally working about 10 hours a day because I’m in eCourse launch mode.

No matter what, I schedule time to do things I love every single day. Whether it’s golfing, hiking, going to a class, improv, or whatever, I make sure everyday is a day I love!

I definitely recommend this approach to business and life.

17. Don’t Be Afraid of Fear

I would say the most common thing that comes up for any creator, artist, or entrepreneur is the fear of rejection. This fear alone is a self-sabotage mechanism.

Because we fear rejection, we never take action. By not taking action we sabotage ourselves from ever getting the opportunity to be seen, accepted, and celebrated.

Lean into the fear, dig up the lies, learn from the experience, love the opportunity to grow through it, and f%*&ing give’er!

18. Live in Alignment

Every choice you make is either in alignment or out of alignment.

You DO know the difference if you want to tap into the truth within you. Be self-aware and say no when it’s not in the holy flow.

19. Be Healthy

Make health a huge priority. There would be nothing shittier than finally reaching the destination of your dreams and going into a healing crisis because you didn’t take care of yourself during the other steps along the way.

Your health is #1. Without it, you have nothing.

20. Short-Term Sacrifices = Long-Term Success

Stop searching for quick fixes. Ask yourself, “What are you willing to sacrifice or let go of to create space for what you really want?”

Give yourself a long-term vision (10 years). We all need space to grow into our big visions.

21. BONUS: Have Fun!

Otherwise, what is the point of it all?

What are one or two things you can take away from this article and apply to your life? Please share in the comments below, and pass this along to your friends who aspire this lifestyle for themselves.

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