Why You Need to Learn How to Communicate with Your Higher Self

“Never allow your ego to diminish your ability to listen.” 
Gary Hopkins (Tweet This)

Have you ever had a date with your higher self?

Your higher self is the real you, the soul consciousness that is so, so much more than the physical form you know so well.

Your higher self is the unlimited and eternal you. It’s the part of you that excites you with inspiration, guides you with intuition, and teaches you through insight… time to make a date, right?

Your intentions, desires, and secrets are well-known to your higher self.

You know everything about you. Chances are, you’ve probably had a very limited conversation with your higher self.

If you allow this communication to flourish, those useful flashes of intuition and inspiration can become a much bigger part of your life.

Connecting with your higher self is like a paradox — you ARE connected. Always.

In fact, it’s more than a connection, it’s a unity.

You can’t separate from the energetic consciousness you. But we are here in this physical state, and part of that is a feeling of separation from everything else.

In reality, there is no separation.

Where does the energy of you begin and end? If you can accept that you are much more than this physical being, you can understand that you are your higher self, having a physical experience.

Why Is It Important to Listen to Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is your best guide for an awesome, meaningful experience here on the physical plane.

Any time you get an inexplicable feeling or premonition, your higher self is trying to communicate with you to guide you on the right course of action.

How Does the Higher Self Communicate?

If you’ve been dismissing those hunches and gut feelings, you might want to ask yourself why. Information that comes from the higher self is not necessarily picked up with the physical senses, but it’s no less valid!

After all, you can’t physically perceive gravity, but there’s obviously something keeping you from floating away like a birthday balloon. Many of us are so used to believing that only what we perceive with our physical senses is real. We tend to ignore an important aspect of ourselves: the energetic.

Another potential issue you may have with the messages you’re receiving from your higher self is that they’re often garbled, cryptic, and baffling, especially if they come to you in dreams.

It helps to journal these weird messages because sometimes the answers become clear when you write about them.

Sometimes you can hear voices; other times, you’ll receive images or strong urges to do — or not do — something.

One ability you’ll develop as you become used to hearing your higher self is discerning between the fear-based voice of the ego and the infinite, eternal voice of your higher self.

You can develop a keen awareness of your body as a great “translator” of your higher self’s messages.

A Date with Your Higher Self

So, back to the date.

I recommend making a date with your higher self. Imagine a tranquil, peaceful setting, someplace you love to be in.

Not “do” in. “Be” in.

If you want, you can imagine your higher self as a physical presence, like your very best friend sitting beside you. Or you can imagine yourself surrounded by a warm, loving energy.

Go with whatever images are right for you!

Once you feel the presence of your higher self, you can ask questions about anything. The higher self does not judge or criticize.

Be open to answers!

Don’t forget they may come in a variety of delivery methods: words, feelings, images, things coming into your line of sight, or anything that suddenly comes into your awareness.

How do you tell the difference between a fear-based answer that your ego gives you and the voice of the higher self? How do you know that the answers aren’t only your imagination or something your mind made up to appease you? Here’s how:

If you feel physical sensations of anxiety, tension, fear, anger, etc., you are talking to the ego. The ego creates its identity around pain. That’s what it knows. That’s what it’s comfortable with, and that’s the language it understands. It wants to keep identifying with that negativity because then it has an identity.

If you feel physical sensations of lightness, love, energy, happiness, etc., you are talking to the higher self. There is no identity in the higher self. It’s just energy, with no beginning and no end. The natural state of the higher self is free, loving, and joyful.

One method is to ask yes or no questions and then listen for the immediate answer — sometimes even before you finish the question.

This immediate response is probably your higher self, bypassing the programming of the mind. If you were to give yourself time to analyze your question, believe me, the ego would start chiming in with its usual negative chatter!

Another method is to journal.

You can ask questions and write or type your first, immediate gut-reaction answers. Then go back and re-read them with an awareness of your physical and emotional response. You’ll see right away if your answer came from the ego or the higher self.

Journaling also helps make sense of messages you don’t “get” right away.

If the answers seem wiser than usual, it’s the higher self. If the answers seem forced or if they sound like you telling other people what they want to hear, they’re from the ego. If the answers seem like they’re coming from a higher intelligence, they are.

You — that is, the higher you — are your best guide. Your ultimate teacher.

So make a date with your higher self, and find out what’s going on in your life. Ask the big questions from your “big self.”

Your life will take on a whole new meaning and possibly a whole new direction as your higher self points you toward what is right for you.

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