How Mindwave works

And why you should log your entrepreneurial journey, April 2019

Mindwave is a journal app for founders & makers.

Well, it’s an app without thé actual app. is a web-based application. We are just getting started, Mindwave is in private beta, and the easiest and fastest way to build and test our product is web-based. It’s not rocket science for us.

Founders & makers use Mindwave to log, to write and to share their entrepreneurial journey.

Embrace the power of journaling

The ‘Log’ is your private space for daily logging.

We care about your privacy and data. So all logs are private and safely encrypted in our database. No one but you can read your logs. Not even us.

You can use the log to track your energy and anxiety. A place to collect ideas, feelings, and thoughts. A place to record important learnings and experiences. Log whatever you need or want. It’s totally up to you.

If you don’t know exactly how to begin, start simple: answer the daily question. The default setting is ‘every time another question’. If you get the hang of it, select a specific question to create more focus. Eg. a gratefulness journal.

Journaling is most powerful when you turn it into a routine. 
Make is your new daily habit.

You can use tags to categorize your logs. It will make it easy to analyze your thoughts. Most used tags are: #idea #learning #friends #happy #notetoself

Ok, cool. But why?

Some great reasons why founders & makers keep up a daily log:

  • It helps to have a better connection with values, emotions, and goals;
  • It helps to solve problems and improve overall focus;
  • It helps to improve mental clarity and understanding;
  • It helps to manage stress and anxiety;
  • It helps to track overall development and facilitate your personal growth.

Think about and how a daily journal can help you with your needs. Or even better, try it out for 30-days and experience the power of journaling yourself!

Record your journey

‘Stories’ is your personal writing space to write and collect all of your stories.

You can write about important insights and learnings. About exciting experiences and positive- & negative moments. You decide what you want to write about. It’s your journal anyway.

And the pretty thing is: you are writing for you!

You can write as raw and imperfect as you want. Authentic stories are the new standard. No marketing and judgment here!

Add a category to your stories to create a timeline. What are your professional and personal ambitions? What is your personal mission? Create your journey(s).

Mindwave will help you to focus on your (entrepreneurial) journey.

Ok, awesome. But why?

There are two great reasons why to write and record your stories in Mindwave.

  • Mindful founders & makers know their journey is more important than their destination.
  • Smart founders & makers think about their future selves. Record the journey for the future you. Build your legacy.

Share your journey

When you add a journey you can also determine the privacy settings for all stories in that journey. The three options are:

  • Private. The journey is visible for your eyes only.
    Eg. Investments
  • Share with all friends. The journey is visible for all friends you’re connected with on Mindwave.
    Eg. Build a sustainable Mindwave
  • Share with specific friends. You can add specific friends you want to share this journey with.
    Eg. Managing Anxiety
  • Share publicly (coming soon). Share your journey with other founders & makers.

Ok, great! But why?

Share journeys with whoever you want to share it with.

Get support from your best friends, your personal coach, and your support group.

Always keep in mind, Mindwave is your journal, not a social tool. Keep it authentic and don’t market your stories. Just share them. Be an inspiration to others.

Go to and start to log your journey today.

Questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach out!