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Seven ideas on how to campaign for system change during the Corona Crisis

Original image: Christian Keenan/Getty Images // Edited by: Mindworks

IDEA 1: Research-inspired orientation will help us and others to regain agency.

John Boyd's OODA Loop Diagram visualized by Business Insider.
  1. Research needs to be fast, the compilation and analysis of data need to happen in a few days, as the environment is constantly shifting.
  2. Research should aim to be representative, therefore quantitative — or at least semi-quantitative — and not only qualitative.
  3. Monitoring tools that compile data constantly over time to identify trends are better than snapshots in a shifting environment.
  4. Analytics can be enhanced by compiling information that can be compared. For example comparing geographies, governments and different societal demographics.
  5. Data displays should be audience-specific and made very easy for the general public to digest and orient; formats should resemble more consumer guides rather than long analytic essays.
  1. Ranking of stimulus packages by country.
  2. Assessment of emergency legislation from the human rights perspective per country.
  3. Audience research to establish levels of resilience (see Idea 3).
  4. Audience research to identify the narratives developing in the minds of people (see Idea 4).
  5. Quantify actions and exposure to actions of solidarity versus actions and exposure to actions of aggression.

IDEA 2: Only those who appear empathetic and courageous will be heard now.

IDEA 3: Only those who understand safety and resilience will be heard when shaping the future.

IDEA 4: Create such narratives that allow for a change in the future.

  1. The coronavirus crisis is an excellent example of intergenerational solidarity. Although young people had little to fear from the virus, they accepted major constraints to their personal lifestyle, their economic situation and their social relations so that they could help protect the older generations and vulnerable people. Fostering a narrative of intergenerational solidarity will be essential to solving the climate crisis.
  2. The crisis will change everything. This is an important narrative to make so that people can expect substantive changes in the aftermath of the crisis and thus build their acceptance of this (It is important to note here though, that this narrative will not determine a preference for a particular change of direction.).
  3. We are able to push through a crisis if we stick together.

IDEA 5: Being the Watchdog — Sound the alarm when things go wrong.

  1. Rate and rank stimulus packages,
  2. Expose lies, fear-mongering and propaganda on social media.
  3. We can scandalize corporate lobbying and authoritarian power grabs.

IDEA 6: Create unusual conversations and connections.

IDEA 7: Internet fairies to fight trolls.



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