DreamTeam Update: Meet Our Teammates

Learn about the changes in our team and get acquainted with the updated MinexSystems crew.

Hello, dear community!

It’s been a while since the last time when we introduced our MinexCrew to you. Because of project’s development, it has significantly increased. Thanks to our newcomers, we have expanded our expertise practically in all areas, started to work on several strategic products, and met 2018 as tough crypto-player. And now, without further ado, we’re proud to present the MinexSystems line-up.

Our founders and evangelists of all things that we do are still the same:

Boris Shulyaev

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiasts and professional economist, owner of one of the largest mining farms in Europe, has a lot of experience in founding and managing large private and public companies. Business angel.

Roma Khulenko

Blockchain Team Lead

Roman experiments with computer science for mental satisfaction. Computer for him is modern organon — right tool for the knowledge of the world, yourself and truth.

Vladyslav Zaichuk

Blockchain Developer

Tech wizard fascinated by futuristic technologies. Created an app building 3D models of the human brain for international scientific research. Now he’s on to creating an improved model of global finance with MinexСoin

Serhii Muchychka

Blockchain Developer

Being a cryptologist by education and computer scientist by vocation, Sergei chose blockchain word to connect two favorite things into one area. He uses advanced technologies to become an innovator in the field of modern financial apps. He works on the principle of “Design before you act.”

Pavel Dudenkov

Java Developer

A self-motivated developer always searches for new sources of knowledge. Previously worked in the financial area, IoT and gambling. Now good to go with more math in big data and crypto world. Experimenting with food habits and perception of life.

Ruslan Skuratovsky

Mathematician, Cryptography Specialist

Ruslan aims to create safe and reliable tools for different services. Using latest cryptography achievements such as zero-knowledge protocol, he creates solutions preserved from fraud at the design level. Blockchain for Ruslan is the platform where the most daring ideas can be realized.

To date, our Dev department is the biggest one in MinexSystems. It strengthened by all kinds of developers. They’re working on the core products of Minexcoin ecosystem now:

Miroslav Demchun

Development Team Lead

Miroslav is a skilled expert in high load systems development. He has over nine years of experience in developing various server systems. Using his expertise, he works on product’s architecture development, organizes and monitors department workflow. Passionate about blockchain concept — its architecture and perfection — and thinks about it as a new era of payments.

Andrey Chernyy

Senior Backend Developer/DevOps Engineer

Andre worked in the gambling sphere. He was responsible for the optimization of the SEO department of a large company. Now he’s decided to expand his horizons and work with more exciting tasks in blockchain industry with MinexSystems team.

Vladimir Bobrik

Backend Developer

For last three years, Vladimir worked on the backend development for various services (online stores, REST API for mobile applications). In our team, he is responsible for the development and design of micro-services, and the refinement of the existing product functional.

Alexander Stepanov

Backend Developer

Alexander has been developing commercial software for nine years. He is well skilled on creating solutions as backend dev as well as the frontend, focusing on the safety of the developing products. In MinexSystems he develops the server’s software, architecture and makes tests. According to Alexander, he joined our team because he wants to participate in the changes that crypto and blockchain can bring to the world.

Dmitriy Ivanenko

Backend Developer

Dmitriy has 4+ years of experience in PHP, Yii2, Symfony4, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, Docker, JavaScript, Redis, Memcached, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Microservices. He was engaged in the development of parsers, blogs, online stores, highly loaded platforms and CRM-systems. Moreover, Dmitriy has experience in front-end. In Dev team, he works on modification of the existing (Minex Explorer) and the new (Minex Wallet) functionality. BLockchain for him is socially significant, progressing, and growing area which often lets you perform complex and exciting tasks.

Denys Zbitnev

Backend Developer

Denys has been developing commercial software for over ten years. He is well skilled in creating solutions as the Backend Developer. In MinexSystems he develops the server’s software, architecture and makes tests. According to Denys, he joined our team because he wants to participate in the changes that crypto and blockchain can bring to the world. Denys has experience in PHP, Symfony, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, Docker, Redis, Memcached, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Microservices. He was engaged in the development of different purpose intranet systems, parsers, online stores and other applications.
In dev team, he works on modification of the existing and the new functionality. Blockchain for him is progressing, a socially significant area which often lets one perform complex and exciting tasks.

Roman Slysh

Project Manager/iOS Engineer

Roman is blockchain enthusiast. He has 7+ years in IT. He worked as an engineer on Big Data stack and created several mobile apps. Active traveler and vegetarian.

Eugene Antonov


Administering Unix systems since 1999, now Eugene specializes in automation, and Infrastructure as Code using SaltStack, Bash, Python. His tasks in the company are to streamline and formally describe the existing infrastructure, support the processes related to DevOps, and implement Kubernetes. It is necessary to ensure greater scalability, reliability and to provide ease of development and production infrastructure use.

Arsen Tsvetkov

Frontend Developer

Engaged in FrontEnd development for two years. Arsen’s task is to create comfortable, dynamic, and nice-looking products. He is interested in the blockchain and its architecture considering it a new milestone in the money history.

Maksim Grab

Frontend Developer

His keen knowledge based on long working experience on Angular. Maxim works on functional UI development with cross-browser functionality, loading speed optimization and code testing. In his work, he’s using templates and modular styling UI.

Maksim Khobotin

Android Developer

Maksim has comprehensive knowledge of Java and С++. Industry-specific education and self-actualization make him one of the best Android developers.

Roman Babichev

QA Engineer

Skilled Quality Assurance engineer, experienced in ecommerce & SaaS projects.

Vitaliy Karpenko

Automation QA Engineer

Vitaliy has been testing and implementing software quality for more than eleven years. In MinexSystems, he designs and constructs an automated product testing. He is blockchain enthusiast.

Aleksey Zubko

UI&UX Designer

He is one of those designers, who create the interfaces that are both pretty to look at (as for aesthetic qualities) and user-friendly (intuitive operation). Due to his experience and skills, all MinexSystems products are designed on a highly professional level.

Alexey Zagrana


For eight years engaged in the design and four of them — in the web area. During this time Alexey went from being a graphic designer to UI pro. The task in the company: solving the problems of user-application interaction, implementing the functions and capabilities of the application in a visually understandable interface.

Aleksandr Naidovskiy

System Administrator

Aleksandr’s job is to configure and maintain a variety of server and network equipment (Microtek, Ubiquiti, Qnap, HP Proliant Servers, Dell Servers, Supermicro Servers). Also, he’s establishing tasks for server and operating configurations, mail servers, and backup systems.

Alexandr Rudichenko

Financial Analyst of MinexBank

Before joining MinexSystems team, Alexandr was engaged in stock and banking projects. He has substantial expertise in the sphere of currency and money markets regulating and intends to use it for the operation and administration of the MinexBank.

Oleksandr Topalo

Financial Analyst

Business Analyst with extensive experience in developing solutions for financial companies. Fascinated with blockchain, he aimed to bring Minexcoin ecosystem into reality.

Oksana Bagro


Highly qualified pro with more than 15 years of experience in the HR field, the last four years of which spent in the IT industry. Oksana is engaged in recruiting and setting HR business processes, maintaining corporate culture, as well as training and development of personnel. She is proud of the team because everyone is involved in the company’s operations and focused on achieving high results.

Customer Support Department still has excellent knowledge of our products, stays in contact 24/7, and is always glad to help any member of our community. There they are:

Irina Syvun

Head of Customer Support Department

Experienced in such directions as setting up contextual advertising, search engine promotion (SEO), and advertising in social media. She’s trying to improve the total customer experience and create a truly customer-centric culture in the MinexSystems team.

Michael Dzubanivskyii

Customer Support Manager

Michael has perfect Ukrainian, Russian and English skills, great at analytics, and excellent at information gathering. Michael can easily explain all in the details so that everybody will understand him.

Zahar Goncharenko

Customer Support Manager

Zahar has been working as customer support technician about half of a year. He likes to analyze different situations and help people understand them. Zahar uses Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, advanced Windows user.

Karina Logvinova

Customer Support Manager

Karina is well-experienced in support. She’s an engineer, a mentor, and a coordinator of training programs in the field of trading.

Dmitriy Rozhenko

Customer Support Manager

Dmitriy entered the world of technology thanks to his experience in a large retailing company. He believes that blockchain is the future because this system cannot be hacked, while all the participants in it are anonymous. Moreover, the lack of mediation and, accordingly, commissions, can play their part in the establishment of the decentralized world.

Yehor Babenko

Customer support Manager

Yehor first became interested in blockchain in 2011 due to the simplicity and genius of the concept. Since that time he managed to gain experience in the areas of marketing, HoReCa, and media. He considers cryptocurrencies as an excellent alternative means of payment, thus our team entirely in line with Egor’s interests.

And last but not least part of our executive team. Say hi to the Marketing team:

Lyudmila Tovstenko


Highly qualified pro with more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field, in both offline and online. Made a long way from retail store chains Marketing Director to crypto-scene CMO and is set on market launch and promotion of new products in blockchain industry with MinexSystems team.

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The official blog of Minexcoin and MinexPay. Your peace of mind in the banking on a blockchain.

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