First Cards Shipped by MinexSystems

We are glad to announce that MinexSystems has started shipping the globally accepted cards ordered via MinexPay service. Soon, users from all over the world, without limitations, will receive the first batch of cards with the MinexPay service, allowing them to spend crypto on goods and services where usual payment cards are accepted and, more importantly, cash out crypto at the nearest ATM.

Cash Out Crypto Starting at 0% Fee

Currently, MinexPay offers four different tariff plans for the ordered cards: Standard, Gold, Platinum, and Infinite. Depending on the plan type, the ATM withdrawal fee starts from 0%, meaning that you can cash out your crypto for free and receive up to 1% cashback every time you make a payment with the card purchased at MinexPay. You can read more about the tariff plans, fees, and limits here.

“We have successfully launched the card program until the end of 2018,” says Boris Shulyaev, Founder and CEO of MinexSystems. “And even though we didn’t manage to issue the cards with MinexPay logo before the winter holidays, we are working on that and will present the branded cards in the nearest time, already this year.”

Minexcoin as the Fuel of The Ecosystem

As you know, Minexcoin is an integral part of our ecosystem. Therefore, the more people use any of the services, the more demanded MNX becomes. In case of the cards purchased via MinexPay, users need to have 1,000 MNX on the balance as the minimum required amount to cash out crypto at 0% fee, or 200 MNX — to cash out crypto at 2% fee. This minimum required balance in MNX entirely belongs to the card owner and they can withdraw it at any moment. However, to take advantage of such low fees, users need to hold a particular amount of MNX on their card balance, as shown in the example above.

According to the requests, MinexSystems is expecting 30,000 card sales by the end of Q2 2019, and, if the forecast is correct, there will be over 3 million MNX held at the minimum required balances, which is 75% from the existing circulation supply. Naturally, it will affect the Minexcoin price positively.

You can find more details about the minimum required balances for each tariff plan here.

Benefit from 45% Parking Rates with MinexBank

Also, we would like to remind you that MinexSystems is a full-service development company that specializes in blockchain products. One of the company’s unique services, MinexBank, is the first trustless bank that encourages Minexcoin owners to hold the MNX coins in their wallets with a savings purpose. Thanks to this mechanism, everyone can get Minexcoin for free as interest for their balance assets in MNX without transferring funds to anyone.

The current yearly parking rate offered by the bank is up to 45%. We invite you to check out more information on the website and benefit from MinexBank services already today.

More news from MinexSystems is coming soon. Stay tuned!