How to get Minexcoin (MNX)

Hello, dear community! You’ve already known that MNX will be listed on the Livecoin exchange from November 1, so today we take a look how to get your MNXs in a variety of ways.

I. Mining

First of all, you can mine Minexcoin. To do this, you should join one of the miner’s pools that support MNX. Choose one of them:

EU Pool:

ASIA Pool:


II. Exchanges

Also you can buy MinexCoin on the exchange. We’ve made a short instruction how to do that on the

First, you’ll need to register a Livecoin account. There is nothing complicated about. To start registration process, push the big red button top right

When you fill in all the cell blocks, a confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail. The registration process will finish right after you follow the confirmation link in the letter. Right after that, you can deposit your account in fiat or crypto currencies. You can choose different payment methods to do that, but keep in mind that Livecoin, like any other exchange, has own trading, withdrawal, and deposit fees.

Okay, your account had been recharged and now you have to find MinexCoin’s trading page. To do that tap an MNX ticker in this block on the main page of your cabinet.

To buy MNX you have to use “buying” window on our trading page. Like an example we put a MNX/BTC pair on the screenshot

When you’ll get MNXs on your account, you can withdraw them easily. To do that return to the balance page, find MinexCoin in the Cryptocurrencies block, and push “Withdrawal” button. In the pop-up window that’ll appear enter an amount of MNX that you want to withdraw and your MNX Wallet address.

As soon as MinexCoins will be transferred to your wallet, you can Park them at your MinexBank account in order to get interest payments. Notice, that you can park your assets on the period from one day to a year. If you don’t know how to do that, please read our FAQ or contact the support department.

We hope you find this information useful. Have a good parking!