How to take part in Minexcoin ICO

1. In order to take part in Minexcoin ICO, please register using the link:

2. After the registration, choose “Get Minexcoins” in your personal account, and in the appeared window you’ll find your bitcoin address.

3. Send bitcoins to the specified address. After 3 transaction confirmations funds will be credited to your balance.

4. You can also invest your funds using a wallet and warranties of escrow project. Choose “use escrow wallet”, and follow the algorithm specified for the previous option.

4. Everyone who invests within the period from May 15 to May 18, gets 50% bonus. Then, every 3 days, the bonus will decline by 5%.

5. After the end of ICO, 150 000 Minexcoins will be distributed proportionally to investors, including the early investor bonuses, based on the total funds collected.

5. On June 15, you’ll be able to transfer your Minexcoins to your wallet or list them on the exchange.

The maximum amount of fund raising is limited to 1500 BTC, after reaching the value, Minexcoin ICO will be stopped.

For participation in the ICO, please register using a link:

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