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Hello, dear community! We decided to write this post because MinexSystems continues to grow and evolve. In fact, the original team has grown up at least twice since the project starts and we’ve strengthened our expertise for all activities we’re facing in our work. So we just think it would be nice to present new and re-present old team members of the whole MinexSystems to you. Let’s start!

Our founders and evangelists of all things that we do. Still the same:

Boris Shulyaev

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiasts and professional economist, owner of one of the largest mining farms in Europe, has a lot of experience in founding and managing large private and public companies. Business angel.



A branch of our executive team, instead, had many valuable changes. First of all, we need to say about Minex’ teammates responsible for the MinexCoin. Their blockchain squad is looking like this right now:

Vladyslav Zaichuk

Blockchain developer

Tech wizard fascinated by futuristic technologies. Created an app building 3D models of the human brain for international scientific research. Now he’s on to creating an improved model of global finance with MinexСoin



Roma Hulenko

Blockchain developer

Roman experiments with computer science for mental satisfaction. Computer for him is modern organon — right tool for the knowledge of the world, yourself and truth.

The second part of the executive team, our development department, was increased by ten members. All of them works on the MinexBank’s algorithm and client for now and will be working on the next projects in the future

Alex Kucherov

Development Team Lead

Setting up and implementing a micro-service architecture for the company’s key web-based products. Choice of technologies and introduction of DDD, using BDD and TDD approaches to development. Management of team development, coaching.

Andrey Chernyy

Senior PHP Developer with DevOps skills

Worked in the gambling sphere. Was responsible for the optimization of the SEO department of a large company. Now he’s decided to expand his horizons and work with more interesting tasks in blockchain industry with Minex team.

Aleksandr Naidovskiy

System Administrator

Aleksandr’s job is to configure and maintain a variety of server and network equipment (Microtik, Ubiquiti, Qnap, HP Proliant Servers, Dell Servers, Supermicro Servers). Also, he’s establishing tasks for server and operating configurations, mail servers, and backup systems.

Andrey Tarasenko

Back-end Developer

Back-end programmer of MinexBank. In his work uses SQL & NoSQL data engines, Go and PHP. He has a wealth of experience in programming user-specific and server-side aspects of web applications

Maksim Grab

Front-end Developer
His strong knowledge based on long working experience on Angular. Maxim works on functional UI development with cross-browser functionality, loading speed optimization and code testing. In his work, he’s using templates and modular styling UI

Maksim Khobotin

Android developer

Maksim has comprehensive knowledge of Java and С++. Industry-specific education and self-actualization make him one of the best Android developers.


Aleksey Zubko

UI&UX Designer

He is one of those designers, who create the interfaces that are both pretty to look at (as for aesthetic qualities) and user-friendly (intuitive operation). Due to his experience and skills, all MinexSystems products are designed on a highly professional level.


Alexey Shmyga

Senior QA Engineer

Has solid experience in the Quality Assurance field. Blockchain enthusiast.

Roman Babichev

QA Engineer

Skilled Quality Assurance engineer, experienced in ecommerce & SaaS projects.

Roman Oneschuk

Project Manager

Certified project manager with a wide experience in launching and developing new businesses in IT sector. Now Roman is exploring a world of blockchain within Minex team.

Maxim Shcherbakov

Back-end Developer

Our back-end developer, experienced in PHP, Yii/Yii2, and jQuery.

Miroslav Demchun

Senior PHP Developer

One of the architects of the all Minex’ products, an expert in Highload Systems development.

Alexandr Rudichenko

Financial analyst of MinexBank

Prior to joining Minex team, Alexandr was engaged in stock and banking projects. He has a strong expertise in the sphere of currency and money markets regulating and intends to use it for the operation and administration of the first central cryptobank, the MinexBank.

If you ever will be interested to join the team of members below, you must have a keen sense of community, excellent knowledge of our products, stay in contact 24/7, and many other things. However, you should know this clearly because you encounter with our Support department time to time. There they are:

Daniel Shulyaev

PR and Bounty Manager

Only recently has adopted the religion of blockchain but has proved to be a tremendous boon to the team.



Irina Syvun

Head of customer support department

Experienced in such directions as setting up contextual advertising, search engine promotion (SEO), and advertising in social media. She’s trying to improve the total customer experience and create a true customer-centric culture in the Minex team.


Michael Dzubanivskyii

Customer support Manager

Has perfect Ukrainian, Russian and English skills, great at analytics, and excellent at information gathering . Michael can easily explain all in the details, so everybody will understand him.


Zahar Goncharenko

Customer support Manager

Zahar has been working as customer support technician about half of a year. He likes to analyze different situations and help people understand them. Uses Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, advanced Windows user.


Darya Zuban

Customer support Manager

Darya is interested in marketing for several years. Her duty is to establish public relationships presence across all social networks we use. Earlier, Zuban was a writer for SEO/viral-optimized content, websites, blog posts, sites copy, and promotional messages. She is engaged in daily maintenance and support for advertisements.

Karina Logvinova

Customer support Manager

Karina is well-experienced in support. She’s an engineer, a mentor, and a coordinator of training programs in the field of trading.

Arevik Dumikian

Customer support Manager

Arevik helps people around the world as a Customer support specialist and an interpreter for British and American companies and really loves her job. Her skill set covers English, Russian, Ukrainian (currently trying to learn some Spanish and French), advanced Windows user and beginner with the Linux systems. Tends to learn everything on her own in order to explain confidently and clearly to others.

Vlad Gyrych

Customer support Manager

He believes in leadership as a responsibility to serve, embracing risk, and accountability to meaningful changes. Vladyslav lives these values employing innovations for a better world.

Last but not least part of our executive team is the Marketing Department. These guys have joined us only several weeks ago but you can already get a sense of their impact on our communication. You can see it by reading this post at least. Say “Hi!” to:

Alexey Marinich


10+ years of marketing experience in different industries and different markets: from boutique agencies to multinational corporations. Alexey’s superpowers are both strategy and design thinking.

Anton Pustovoy

Creative copywriter

Prior to working in Minex team, Anton had grown up from copywriter to creative director while working in various advertising agencies. He has over eight years of experience in solving creative problems, drawing up of strategies, and editing tons of texts.

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