Minex Web Wallet for MinexPay PUBLIC TEST STARTED

Dear community, we are now at the crucial stage for moving further with MinexPay. Minex Web Wallet public test officially starts. We would like to invite you to join us and test your payments!

Minex Web Wallet as the Key to Smooth Operation

Smooth operation of Minex Web Wallet is the most important element of the MinexPay ecosystem. There are currently a lot of discussions underway about crypto cards — but what is in fact a crypto card? Generally speaking, since there aren’t any existing cryptocurrency banks, crypto cards must resort to using fiat money (USD dollars or Euros). It means that cards with the real balance in bitcoin in any bank account cannot yet exist, but it is possible to provide users with an opportunity to use their cryptos as regular money with a special service.

In MinexPay’s case, such service is Minex Web Wallet. It ensures flawless operation of our subsystems that exchange, transfer and control all the money movements in the wallet itself. We designed it to relieve MinexPay users from such inconveniences as waiting for too long next to an ATMs.

Another advantage of MinexPay is if the wallet subsystems work impeccably, we can add virtually any card as the issuer does not matter. Such design also doesn’t really require a contract with a bank unless we are ready to issue branded cards. Precisely for that reason, we decided to initiate a public test with the typical fiat cards. We chose PrivatBank Mastercard euro currency cards.

Disclaimer: PrivatBank cards cannot be treated as crypto cards. Cryptocurrencies will not be sent to the users’ bank accounts as the exchange will occur with the help of our liquidity providers. These cards will be issued personally for each individual who would like to participate in the Minex Web Wallet public test and have passed bank’s KYC procedure. Therefore, we can test all the subsystems without the bank partnership freely and in law at the current stage.

Naturally, MinexPay users will still get a new MinexPay branded card after the test complete. We believe that this test will confirm that everything is set up correctly and our Minex Web Wallet will work as intended — fast and easy. In addition, given the design of the Minex Web Wallet service, Chain2Pay considers an option of connecting users’ own cards to the Minex Web Wallet in the future.

How do I participate in this public test?

If you would like to test Minex Web Wallet, contact our support team at support@minexsystems.com. We will provide you with details how to schedule a visit to our office. We will hand out all the cards directly to our users. However, we would like to emphasize that we look forward to welcome people from all over the world at our office. Therefore, we would love to select users from abroad and we will be happy assist them with arranging their visit in any way we can.

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