MinexCoin MIP Report

Dear Minexcoin community!

We continue to inform you about our latest updates. How you can remember we’ve told about MinexCoin Explorer upgrade on Friday. Today we glad to announce our first MIP (“MinexCoin improvement proposal” otherwise), a rule document with all the information of MNX coin evolution. Updates this MIP provides will help us to meet all requirements and make sure that we’ll receive all the confirmations from the list of exchanges which our team will apply soon.

Actually, the list of them looks like this right now:

Well, what about MIP? First version of the MinexCoin showed really good results, but also revealed several bugs, backdoors, and defects that could have influenced the security of the whole system. Hopefully, the team has solved each of them and modified some pieces of the system. You can see a whole list of changes below:

  • Fixed float point inaccuracy in MinexBank commission calculation.
  • Removed ability to burn coins (starts since 24000 block height).
  • Added validation of correct Minex Bank’s address and commission during consensus since 24 000 block height.
  • Solo miner periodically checks existence of new transactions which appear after block template generation to create more transactions filled blocks.
  • Added new IPs to start boost nodes list.
  • Fixed node crashing while receiving block with a bad equihash solution.
  • Added field that describes MinexBank commission to the block template for mining pool.
  • Project building with the latest version of sodium 1.0.13.
  • Upgraded build guide documentation for all operating systems.
  • Renamed executable files according to Minex naming convenience.
  • Removed some compilation warnings during project building
  • Created notification widget in client gui wallet application to notify users about new version of product.
  • Changed font colors, navigation icons, public urls, and tab titles according to Minex designing guide in client gui wallet application.

All changes were implemented at the 24000 block height. Yes, we informed you that MIP was supposed to happen at the 22080 block height, but miners pool didn’t have time to lock the upgrade on that height. By the way, this implementation process also has had some impact on the system workability and has caused some breakdowns in the work you might saw on the end of the past week.

Please mind, MIP requires an updated version of MNX wallet ( version) which you can download here: Site or BitcoinTalk.

You can install new wallet version following our guide:

1) Find your current wallet.dat file in Minexcoin directory.

C:/Users/[User’s Name]/AppData/Roaming/Minexcoin (for Windows systems).

/home/[User’s Name]/.Minexcoin (for Linux systems).

Libraries/Application Support/Minexcoin (for Mac OS systems).

2) Copy your wallet.dat file into a safe place.

3) Remove all files from Minexcoin directory.

4) Download new wallet version (Site or BitcoinTalk).

5) Copy your wallet.dat file back to the Minexcoin directory

6) Run the application.

Our support will be happy to help and guide you with this process if any questions. Please contact us using support@minexsystems.com or via our Telegram chat and our Slack channel.

All the technical specifications and updated code of MNX you can find at our official GitHub account. More detailed information about MIP will be featured in the same place.

MIP provides an opportunity to adopt improved version of MNX coin for stable and secure trading on the main cryptocurrency exchanges that will happen in no time!

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