MNX Upgrade: Roadmap 2018

About month ago our CEO Boris Shulyaev took stock of the last year and had briefly mentioned the future of MinexSystems. Today we’ll talk about our plans in more detail. This report is focused on a retrospective of the past January and 2018 goals. To be more precise, it’s focused on this year’s roadmap.

Before you’d sink into the new roadmap, we need to say a few words about the past — it is a report after all. This January our team has concentrated on the improvement of the operating processes within the company. Although this work isn’t as visible as the releases of new products or system updates, it’s one of the fundamental factors for the company’s further growth. During the month we’ve strengthened the team (new employees will be presented in one of the next publications), optimised workflows between departments and radically changed some internal work’s algorithms. And it is already yielding positive results. While the world was resting after the New Year holidays, our team:

  • conducted a bug fixing for part of products;
  • presented an MNX Bank Wear application for smartwatches;
  • listed MNX on the Coinexchange;
  • agreed to several integrations which we’ll announce soon;
  • updated the FAQ and connected them to the CRM-system;
  • finalizes import of the MinexBank application for iOS devices;
  • finishes the assembly of the new desktop wallet (more details about it are little lower).

And now let’s turn to the central theme of this article. In our Roadmap-2018 we’ll try to briefly outline the goals and milestones for products planned for this year. More detailed information about each product you will find out in the particular materials that will be published this and next month. Here is it, our Roadmap-2018:

MinexSystems Roadmap 2018


Status: product improving

Of course, we don’t leave working on our financial system, especially MNX has a lot of developmental pathways. In 2018 the team will focus on several directions at once, which will allow to strengthen, take the niche of our system, and move closer to #1 payment system in the world. The primary goal is to prove the world that a decentralized payment system can be convenient, fast and simple. The ideal situation at the end of 2018 supposed to look like this

Minexcoin goals


Status: product improving

At the moment, we’re in the homestretch of final tests of the banking algorithm, although it’s too early to speak about full autonomy. At the end of last year, the bank’s system was utterly re-architect and qualitatively improved, and now MinexBank is waiting for some cosmetic and usability improvements.

Also by the end of the first quarter, we’re planning to please you with the iOS version of the mobile banking.

MinexWallet 2.0

Status: launch in the first quarter of 2018

It’ll be the first big release this year. After the launch of the first-version wallet, it became clear that some of the functions and its usability don’t quite meet the current world standards. So in the new version you will find:

  • Improved interface
  • Completely new design
  • Quality UX

Minexcoin Atomic Swap

Status: release in the first quarter of 2018

Although we can’t disclose all our technical achievements at the moment, we can share the fact that at the end of February the team will present you a working Atomic Swap with Minexcoin blockchain — a technology that enables direct peer-to-peer exchange across separate blockchains.

Along with this, we’ll release an alpha version of the decentralized exchange to you. At first, it will work as an interest-free exchanger for MNX/BTC and MNX/LTC pairs.

Decentralized MinexExchange

Status: launch in the second quarter of 2018

After the successful Atomic Swaps presentation and final debugging of all the processes linked to them, a decentralized stock exchange will be officially released. Thanks to Atomic Swap, we’re planning to provide a high level of security with as low commissions for traders as it possible at the same time. You will read about these processes in a next article.

Web&Mobile Wallet

Status: launch in the second quarter of 2018

The light-version wallet will allow any person to become a part of our project without the need to download MNX blockchain, install software, etc. But even this isn’t a primary objective. The web wallet will facilitate the MNX implementation into different services, and therefore will enhance the use of MNX. For example, you’ll be able to pay for services or goods in just a couple of clicks.

Debit Cards

Status: launch in the second quarter of 2018

In the middle of 2018 we plan to issue Minexcoin debit (or even credit!) cards which allow you to pay in MNX around the world. In short, the system will transfer your virtual currency into fiat, which means you’ll be able to pay via cryptocurrency everywhere. Even where this kind of payments are not provided.

Our primary goal is to develop such a product that would remain in the legal field of world regulatory laws. At the moment our financial team is drafting the roadmap and the concept of upcoming cards.


Status: alpha version launch in the second quarter of 2018

It is a platform for adding MNX as a payment tool to any business, both offline and online. Together with our API, the user will receive a convenient accounting system and an acquiring application for the convenience of mutual settlements.


Status: alpha version launch in the third quarter of 2018

A platform for selling — virtual or real — goods and services. The market is one of many places that will allow MNX to become a full-fledged means of payment.


Status: alpha version launch in the third quarter of 2018

Since new government regulatory acts came into force, we understood that the platform as it was conceived will not be effective and demanded. Therefore, we’ve corrected the product concept and shifted its direction towards the B2B market.

MinexPlatform will become an ultimate tool for creating any kinds of digital values. This product opens a blockchain-world to an ordinary person or company without the need to study the code, algorithms, or any other things that we all love so much). That is, unlike existing solutions, the user will be able to use user-friendly UI and UX to meet the challenges using blockchain.

The platform will work in two versions — standard and enterprise-expansion for business. The business pack may be compared to one of the families of the office programs. It’ll be a set of solutions based on the blockchain combined into one product. You’ll be able to create decentralized registries, issue your tokens, or create smart contracts for different business needs.

Green Algo

Status: development by the third quarter of 2018

It’s no secret that most of the mining capacities are currently being wasted. Yes, we produce cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, we spend energy on calculations for the sake of calculations itself. That’s how we thought when Green Algo was planned.

The total capacity of the MNX network today is about 53 MSol/s, or in other figures — about 1110 GTX 1080 video cards that could work not only for the benefit of their owners but for the good of the world. That’s why our blockchain department (along with the other processes) has started to develop an entirely new algorithm for MNX. It will make possible not only to make calculations for transactions but to do it for some specific purposes. Perhaps, correctly our community will discover a new star or help to decrypt a new DNA chain.

Decentralized Computer

Status: development by the fourth quarter of 2018

And the most ambitious goal for 2018 is to lay a foundation for developing own virtual Turing environment for performing smart-contracts in the Minexcoin network. The creation of a virtual, decentralized world computer will open to us a whole range of new opportunities for 2019.

We hope you agree with all of the mentioned ideas for 2018. In the series of articles we will undoubtedly make more detailed review on each of the above projects. To be continued!

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