MNXcore is ready to use

Hello, dear Minexcoin community.

We are pleased to present you the Linux and Windows version.

1. Link for download and install wallet here (Linux) → →Linux binary file:
2. Windows version (64 bit). You can download the wallet by link
You can download MNXcore on our official site too
3. Here is the link for GitHub with open source code

4. Now is available for mine only CPU mining.
5. Network difficulty is high. Because of this, mining will be slowly.
6. Pay attention!
Now we have 2 Minexexplorers.
- For the testing and verify test addresses:
- Explorer which will work as a regular basis:

7. How to mine coins:
Help -> Debug window -> Console.

generate <nblocks> <maxtries> — Start mining process.
generatetoaddress <nblocks> <address> <maxtries> — Start mining process to certain address.

 <nblocks> — How many blocks need to be mined.
 <maxtries> — Amount of tries to guess block (optional).
 <address> — Address to receive mined coins.

You can start several system threads for mining to load your CPU. Run command “generate” or “generatetoaddress” as many times as you want. But must be less then amount of cores of you CPU.
You may use “ &” at the end of command to run mining in background (Unix).

 Mining process may find block or disconnect from minexcoin daemon. If block is found, start mining process again to find next block.
 If mining process was disconnected, don’t start it again until block will be found.

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