New MinexPay Referral Program Announced

As we have announced earlier, the previous version of the MinexPay Referral Program is over. All bonuses will be calculated in MNX and paid out within the 1st to 5th of March. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all referrals for their input into the growth and expansion of MinexPay. Apart from spreading the word, we have also collected valuable feedback from the newcomers who will help us improve our products further.

But that’s not it!

While we are getting ready to pay out your referral bonuses, we are also glad to introduce the new referral program today. Within the program, the bonuses will be credited once a referred user activates their card. The bonus amounts are as follows:

  • 1 MNX for activation of a Standard card;
  • 2 MNX for activation of a Gold card;
  • 3 MNX for activation of a Platinum card.
  • The Infinite cards will not provide any bonus to the referees upon activation.

All the bonuses are credited to the referral balance instantly after the activation of a referred user’s card, so you will be able to see all your gainings fully accounted at any moment.

Also, we have added a special input field for the MinexPay MNX wallet address you want your referral balance to be sent to. We kindly ask you to double-check the address and make sure that it is correct.

All bonuses for the previous Referral Program will be already converted and displayed in MNX, while the current run of the referral program will be MNX-only.

We invite you to become a referral and earn on inviting friends to MinexPay card program already today!