[MNR] FiveStars Global Pre-registration

Greetings! This is the admin of Mineral official blog 👋

Today we’re going to tell everyone good news!

It’s the news that Five Stars’ global website has opened! 🎉


And with the opening, pre-registration will take place until the 25th, the release of the global version!

Pre-registration is available in the Google Store. It does not work on Apple’s App Store



We think many people have been waiting for the release of the global version! The release is just around the corner!

It provides differentiated fun by enabling NFT transactions with Play to Earn (P2E). Both characters fostered by users and items collected through farming can be mined through NFT, and exchange and transaction can be made by sending them between users or to personal virtual wallets. You can also trade items on the NFT exchange using mineral tokens listed on the cryptocurrency exchange, so you can experience the fun of autonomous economy through games.

Thank you!

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Official Website: https://www.mineralhub.org/

Telegram : https://t.me/MineralGlobalAnn

Telegram(chat) : https://t.me/Mineralglobal

Discord : https://discord.gg/keuDtp7TUM

Twitter : https://twitter.com/SkypeopleMaster **

Medium : https://medium.com/mineralhub


Telegram : https://t.me/MineralKoreaAnn

Telegram(chat) : https://t.me/MineralKorea



The Mineral hub team, which is held with famous game developers and experts of blockchain, aims to that all the gamers will easy to play and enjoy the blockchain games.

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