[SkyPeople] Our speech about Five stars for Klaytn

Hello, This is Sky People CM Betty.

Today we’re here to show our opinion about the Game Management Committee canceling the full-level classification of NFT games.

First of all, we would like to explain why Five Stars, which combines NFT and Blockchain was created.

In established games, even if we use our time and payment to get items, we could not own them perfectly or free to use it.

We thought it was unreasonable for a game company to own and monopolize all of these things, and this was an infringement of gamer sovereignty.

We also think that the player’s game result should be processed as NFT and able to own or delete.

The gamers will have more pleasant gameplay in a fair and transparent environment if probabilities that were unknown at old games will be recorded and shared with blockchain technology.

Our ‘Five Stars for klaytn’ is the game to make these things come true.

This will lead to a lot of paradigm changes in established games.

For the sake of the gamer’s sovereignty and the net function of blockchain games, even if we ask for the court’s judgment, the company will not delay the game launch.

Furthermore, for those who enjoy our games in Korea and waiting to be released overseas, we will do our best to become a more reliable Five Stars with more comfortable and rich content.

Thank you.

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