4 ways to further customize your minerstat dashboard

Dec 28, 2021 · 4 min read

Since our last dashboard update, we have added four ways that allow you to customize your minerstat dashboard even more.

📊 1. Charts colors and types

Since the beginning, we have colorized worker’s profiles with green color for Nvidia cards, red color for AMD cards, and blue color for ASIC machines. However, those that have 10 or more GPUs in the rig, had to distinguish between 10 different shades of green or 10 different shades of red, which made it harder for debugging.

You can switch between one color palette and a multi-color palette with one click.

You can also switch between bars and lines for hashrate and power consumption charts per GPU.

⏩ 2. Extended views

We have added an extended view on the workers’ list a while ago, but the extended view is now also available on the worker’s profile in the hardware table.

The data in the hardware table is displayed as read from the mining client and drivers. Now, you can also show set values to see if everything works correctly or if it maybe needs fine-tuning.

💰 3. Estimated earnings

Estimated earnings were shown based on estimated earnings from our mining calculators and pools. You were able to adjust it by adding electricity costs to the worker’s config and potential power consumption adjustment (either fixed power consumption or an offset).

From now on you can also deduct different fees from the reporting. For example, if you know that your mining client takes 2% fee and your pool takes 3% fee, you can enter 5 in “Earnings deduction percent” and 5% will be taken from the estimated earnings (for example, instead of showing you are getting 0.01 ETH, it will show 0.0095 ETH).

📜 4. Workers summary

You can now also show/hide workers summary from the workers’ list and include a quick summary about:

  • Coins you are mining and their total hashrate;
  • Total power consumption;
  • Estimated daily earnings;
  • Number of workers that are mining (with the red mark if there are any workers that are offline or idle);
  • Possible errors: number of workers over hot and very hot temperature levels, number of workers with low efficiency, number of workers with missing GPUs or hashrate boards, and number of workers with stability issues. Stability issues are connected to the workers’ uptime, the number of system reboots, and the number of console errors.

🎨 Don’t forget: Themes

Themes are our specialty since the beginning. We didn’t add any new themes (we do have a few planned though), but we did fresh up our settings a little, so you can now check how a theme looks before picking it (or before deciding to upgrade to minerstat+). Just click on the theme and your dashboard will color up in the selected theme’s colors.

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