ASIC Hub 3.0

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We are introducing a new version of ASIC Hub. The older ASIC Hub 2.0 version worked only as a CLI for Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi devices, which was efficient but harder to maintain and manage. The new ASIC Hub 3.0 version is based on Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is besides Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi, supported for Windows devices as well.

Which version to use?

While the previous version of ASIC Hub got discontinued, you can still use it in some cases.

As a rule of thumb, you can use ASIC Hub 3.0 if you have Antminer or any of the supported hardware and want to run your ASIC Hub on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Raspberry Pi.

If you have machines from any of the other ASIC manufacturers, you can either use older ASIC Hub 2.0 or send us an e-mail to and we will add the support for your manufacturer with your help.

About ASIC Hub 3.0

Once you have downloaded and installed ASIC Hub and you have workers added to your minerstat account, you can connect your ASIC Hub and minerstat dashboard through the installed app.


In the Summary menu, you can find a short summary of the accounts and workers you are monitoring and managing with this machine.

  • Number of online and offline workers;
  • List of coins the workers are mining;
  • Number of workers on each coin;
  • Hashrate and power consumption for each coin.


In the Workers menu, you can find a list of workers and to which account (that you have set up in the accounts menu) the worker belongs.

The list of workers will help you to see if your minerstat dashboard and ASIC Hub are properly connecting and if you are monitoring the workers you want to monitor.


In the Accounts menu, you can find a list of accounts you are monitoring with ASIC Hub.

You can use the search bar to filter the accounts or add a new account by clicking the [Add new] button.

Adding a new account

To add a new account, you will need an access key, group, and firmware. Optionally, you can add a personal note.

  • Access key: The access key can be found on your minerstat dashboard.
  • Group: The group can be a general group such as asic or antminer, but it can also be a custom group to which you put the workers on your minerstat dashboard.
  • Firmware: Pick up the firmware option in regard to what firmware your ASIC machines are using. If some of the machines are on default firmware and some on BraiinsOS+, make sure to put workers into two distinctive groups. Then add two accounts, monitoring these two distinctive groups, each with a corresponding firmware option.
  • Personal note: The personal note will help you remember which account the access key is associated with.


In the Settings menu, you can configure your ASIC Hub settings.

  • Refresh time: Control how often your ASIC Hub app updates with new data.
  • Debug: Save system logs and diagnose issues with your ASIC Hub.
  • Max threads: Optimize your ASIC Hub by adjusting the number of synced devices.


  • Device discovery: Simplify management with device detection. Keep in mind the restrictions of VPNs.
  • Discovery timeout: Avoid connection issues by adjusting your network discovery settings.
  • Discovery ARP resolve: Get advanced network insight by resolving MAC addresses. Keep in mind the restrictions of VPNs.

Proxy settings

  • TCP forward: Enable or disable the option to start a local Stratum Proxy.
  • TCP forward local IP: You can specify the IP address where the local proxy will listen for incoming connections.
  • TCP forward local port: Define the port number where the local proxy listens for incoming connections.
  • TCP forward remote host: Set the host or IP address of the remote mining pool.
  • TCP forward remote port: Specify the port number on the mining pool where the local proxy points to.

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