Crypto mining ROI calculator

Apr 4 · 3 min read

We have recently introduced a new tool - crypto mining ROI calculator - that will help you to better calculate the ROI and break-even times of your recent or old crypto-mining investments.

General information

Under general information, you can enter your mining setup name, electricity costs, currency, and coin for which you will calculate your results.

💡 ROI calculator is currently available for ETH, RVN, BEAM, and ETC, but it can be extended for other coins that you would like to see.

Mining hardware information

Here you can prepare the list of your GPUs. Let’s say that you got 6 x RTX 3080 each priced at 700 EUR. These cards are making around 98 MH/s @ 220 W.

You can duplicate each row or delete it if you have too many of them.

Other components

Here you can add costs of some other components. For example, your motherboard, CPU, PSU, risers, cables, SSD, and everything else that you needed to buy to make this rig work. You can also add the price of the minerstat subscription or some negative costs - the amount that already returned to you.


In the summary row, you will see total costs, total hashrate, and total power consumption.


The summary is followed by the results that can be divided into 3 major sections.

Confidence interval

In the confidence interval, you can set negative and positive offset - what happens if the profitability of mining decreases for X% and what happens if the profitability of mining increases for Y%. Negative and positive offsets don’t need to be the same.


Break-even will tell you how many days till you cover up the expenses of your investment for negative offset, current profitability, and positive offset.


ROI will tell you what is your return on an investment after 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year.

Disclaimer: The results of this calculator are only estimations, so it is not guaranteed to have such ROI and such break-even result. The estimated earnings are changing all the time and are updated every 10 minutes.

Share results

Last but not least, you can share your results with your friends. For example, the rig we built for this article is available on this link.

Join minerstat

Want to take your mining monitoring and management to the next level? Join minerstat and start for free.


minerstat® is a crypto mining monitoring and management platform for ASICs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

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