minerstat: 2021 Recap

Jan 3 · 6 min read

2021 was quite a year for everyone in crypto. As we were entering the greener market at the end of 2020 already, we have seen all-time highs on most of the coins in 2021. Minerstat as well increased user database with the same increasing trend we followed for the past few years.

But we didn’t just collect new customers, users, and visitors - this year was yet another productive year for our team as we released a lot of new features, products, and software updates.

We have summarized the most important events of minerstat development in this article.

Q1 2021

Discovery tool

We have introduced a discovery tool, which can help with faster workers adding from the local network. If you need to flash multiple msOS drives and don’t want to spend time editing config.js files, you can just boot the rig with freshly flashed USB or SSD and use a Discovery tool from the dashboard to find all freshly flashed rigs in the local network.

Balance monitoring

Unfortunately, we had to discontinue the balance monitoring service as we couldn’t provide the equal quality we wanted to all our users. At the same time, we have introduced links to the pools’ dashboards from the worker profile pages.

Mining calculator with pools

We have extended our mining calculator pages with PPS and PPLNS pools, which introduced new filters, better analytics, and improved estimated earnings.

minerstat for Windows v6.0

Our Windows application received a complete renovation with a new design, built-in overclocking, diagnostic, latest activity monitoring, and snapshot feature.


We have introduced tasks, which can help you better manage your mining operation and make sure you never forget about any important tasks you need to do on account, worker, or a group of workers.

Q2 2021

New roles for users management

We have extended roles and introduced a new Partner role, previous Technical accounts became Manager accounts, and Technical accounts received fewer privileges.

Reflashing tool

A new reflashing tool for msOS was introduced to remotely flash any msOS version from any Linux distro, mining OS, or even msOS.

SSD flasher

We introduced another new tool for multi flashing. You can flash SSD flasher to a USB and add any msOS image. This USB can then be used to flash multiple rigs (their SSDs) just by plugging the USB into the rig.

minerstat credits system

One of the most exciting new dashboard features was for sure the minerstat credits system. It is an innovative rewarding system for loyal customers. We have started it with the cooperation of Ezil.me pool, who gives 50% of their fees back to our users in a form of minerstat credits. You can use minerstat credits for upgrading your account or send them to another minerstat user.

Q3 2021

Outage compensation

We have extended the minerstat credits system with an outage compensation program. Workers that are not mining will receive partial outage compensation in form of minerstat credits. You can use minerstat credits for upgrading your account or send them to another minerstat user.

Security checks

The social networks were full of reports about hijacked Linux rigs on many other mining operating systems. While msOS was secure before as well, we have decided to increase the security of msOS even further. We have automatically locked all rigs that could be exposed to SSH attacks. SSH can be opened only willingly by the owner of the rig with a special command and locked back again when they don’t need it anymore.

Stability checks

We have added stability checks to our diagnostic tool. Workers are monitored for the offline time, the number of reboots and the number of console errors and can be filtered out on the workers' page by these three parameters.

New payment methods

By partnering with Paddle, we have introduced an option to pay with credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, wire transfer, and many other different methods and also reopened access to UK customers. The confirmation time of the orders also drastically improved and fiat payment orders now get confirmed virtually in real-time.


We have extended our database of coins, algorithms, mining clients, and hardware with a new pools category. You can now see available pools on the coin’s profile pages and also explore each pool’s profile. You can see if the pool offers anonymous mining or mining through registration, what are the fees, reward methods, and payout thresholds.

Q4 2021

Refer a friend

We have extended the minerstat credits system with a refer a friend program. Depending on how long you are a minerstat member you can utilize up to 13% of the order your referred friend makes. You can get the whole 100% of the referral amount yourself, split the referral amount with your friend 50%-50%, or give the whole 100% of the referral amount to your referred friend. You can use minerstat credits for upgrading your account or send them to another minerstat user.


We have partnered with GoCrypto to offer even more crypto payment solutions to our customers. You can currently pay with Binance Pay wallet, Elly Pay wallet, or Bitcoin.com wallet to avoid high network fees and get your order confirmed instantly.

Dashboard customizations

We have added different customization settings to the dashboard, such as:

  • Pages on the workers’ list;
  • Summary bar on the worker’s list;
  • ClockTune values on the hardware’s table on worker’s profile
  • Ability to switch between lines and bards on the hardware charts on worker’s profile;
  • Ability to change color schemes of hardware number denotations.

Wallet address validator

We have introduced a new wallet address validator tool that will check the syntax of your wallet for many different coins and let you know if the syntax is correct or if the syntax is incorrect.

minerstat for Windows v6.5.0

The last version of the year of our Windows application again introduced amazing new features that will be most useful to gamers, internet cafes, and occasional miners. Everything from the automatic stop and start mining depending on your computer activity or GPU load, minimized option, local ClockTune, and more.

Happy new year! 🎉

This was a short recap of what 2021 brought to minerstat. We have a lot of new ideas for the upcoming year, a lot of new planned improvements, and of course - we didn’t forget - a new mobile app.

We wish you another exciting bullish year and that you will be able to get the hardware you are looking for!

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