New minerstat for Windows: For gamers, internet cafes, and occasional miners

Dec 24, 2021 · 3 min read

We have recently introduced a new version of minerstat for Windows 6.5.0, which introduces many different new features that are perfect for gamers, internet cafés, and occasional miners.

If you are already using minerstat then make sure you are running on the latest version by installing a new minerstat for Windows.


New features are available under the new menu button [Settings], which is available in the top right corner.

💡 Note: Keep in mind that most of the new features are only available in a paying plan.

Inactive ClockTune settings

You can now select which ClockTune profile you wish to load when your machine is not mining. There are three options:

  • No change: Overclocking values will stay the same as when you are mining.
  • Change to stock values: Overclocking values will automatically reset to stock values once your mining client stops.
  • Change to Local ClockTune: Overclocking values will automatically get updated to the values defined in the local ClockTune tab once the mining client stops.

Automatic actions for start/stop mining

You can now automate your start and stop mining activity with two new features.

Stop mining on GPU activity

Stop mining on GPU activity allows you to define two extra parameters for better control:

  • Stop mining when X% or more of GPU load: You can enter your own percentage and standard Windows software like browser or explorer are excluded from this check.
  • Game detection: You can select if you want the software to stop mining when the game is running. Currently, the software detects most of the popular games and software. If we missed your favorite game, you can let us know.

Start mining when idle

Start mining when idle allows you to define one extra parameter for better control:

  • Start mining after X minutes of inactivity: You can enter your own number of minutes and software will start mining if there is no mouse or keyboard activity for that time.

Local ClockTune

The Local ClockTune tab allows you to set up your local ClockTune values that can be used when you are not mining. The settings are the same as on the web dashboard and the same rules apply as on the dashboard.

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