Outage compensation

Jul 16 · 4 min read

Through the years working with farms and small miners we have seen that unexpected things just happen. A sudden flood, too high temperatures, unplanned maintenance, electricity outage, and even earthquakes or fires. We were always ready to extend the account duration for those that were facing unexpected outages or compensate it with a coupon code, but this was always done manually and upon a request.

Since we have recently introduced the minerstat Credits program, we have seen this as a great opportunity to add an additional new service to our program, which will help large and small miners better get through their unfortunate events. We have called it outage compensation.

How to apply for outage compensation?

Outage compensation is available to all paying accounts and is applied automatically, so no extra actions are needed from your side. Even if you haven’t entered the minerstat Credits program yet, you are already earning msc in case your workers were offline. You can check the program here.

Once you join the Credits program, you will be able to see your msc balance.

Outage compensation will be collected for all added workers on paying accounts and customers’ accounts that were offline. If you didn’t add any workers to your account or to customers’ accounts, you won’t get compensation for unadded workers as unadded workers weren’t offline and didn’t suffer the outage.

How is an offline status determined?

Offline status is measured through historical charts. Outages are checked few minutes before every full hour and the worker must be offline for at least 2 entries within the last hour to be eligible for outage compensation.

If your worker is going online/offline, this is not considered an outage.

What are some common causes of outage events?

Aside from planned maintenance, outages can happen for various reasons. In some cases, mining is interrupted while in other cases your workers keep mining on the pool, but aren’t visible on the minerstat dashboard. Here are just some examples:

  • You got power outage and rigs shut down;
  • Your rig was having technical issues and you needed to turn it off to get it to the maintenance;
  • You lost internet connection;
  • minerstat’s node crashed and your worker went offline (even though it is still mining on the pool);
  • Your antivirus software or Windows Defender blocked minerstat software and prevented it to communicate with the minerstat dashboard;
  • Your monitoring machine for ASIC Hub shut down for various reasons;
  • The temperatures are too high and you don’t want to risk your GPUs running too hot;
  • The earnings were too low and you temporarily shut down your rigs;
  • Your customers decided to shut down the rigs or take them out from the mining hosting facility, and you don’t monitor them anymore;
  • And every other event where the minerstat dashboard cannot read and report the data on the dashboard and you see your worker as offline.

How much will I get?

Currently, the compensation for an outage is only partial, however, we do plan to extend the program to make it fit your exact plan even more. There is a fixed amount of msc you get for every 10 minutes your worker was offline (if it was offline for more than 2 entries within the last hour).

💡 Important to note: Keep in mind that you get partial compensation for the minerstat subscription and not for the mining earnings.

What are msc and how can I use them?

Minerstat Credits (msc) is an innovative cashback reward system powered by the pools and services that agreed to give back to the mining community.

You can spend credits at any time when you place the order - either it is just a few cents, a custom amount, or the full amount of credits you have on your account. If your order price is 0 EUR, you can upgrade your account for free.

You can also transfer the credits to any other user’s account by providing a number of credits and the user’s support ID.

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