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Too late for a pool? We say no

We are happy to announce that we have released our ETH and ETC pool, which will work through the pool.ms website. If you are with us for a while, you know that Pool.ms was our sandbox benchmarking pool. We are still keeping the benchmarking service, but are extending it to an actual pool.

Pool specifications

Here are the basic specifications you need to know about Pool.ms.

ETH pool

  • Address: eth.pool.ms:3401
  • Fee: 2%
  • Reward method: PPLNS
  • Min. payout: 0.1 ETH

ETC pool

  • Address: etc.pool.ms:3404
  • Fee: 2%
  • Reward method: PPLNS
  • Min. payout: 0.1 ETC

A pool that rewards loyalty

By mining to Pool.ms you will receive 100% cashback of our fees in form of minerstat credits, which you can use for paying for a subscription. To get 100% fee cashback in form of minerstat credits, make sure to:

  • Join minerstat: Register to minerstat from here.
  • Connect to Pool.ms: Connect to Pool.ms as explained here.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of popular questions we received in the past few days that might be interesting to you.

Do you plan to add a secure connection?


Do you plan to add more locations?


Do you plan to add more coins?

Yes, but we are starting slowly and this might not be as soon as you expect.

Why is balance not increasing for so long?

Since this is still a small pool that doesn’t have a very high hashrate, we are not finding blocks as frequently as in other pools. Your reward gets detected and assigned to your account as soon as there is a new block found in which you participated mining. You can find the frequency of blocks here.

Will fees stay at 2%?

Fees are currently set at 2% and can change in the future based on how successful we will be with the pool.

Do you plan to add alternative payout methods?

Currently, no, but we are not opposed to the idea.

Are the payout fees covered by the pool?

Currently, yes.

Join minerstat

Want to take your mining monitoring and management to the next level? Join minerstat and start for free.



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