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Mines Robotics Powers On

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Robotics graduate program at the Colorado School of Mines, and the launch of this blog to celebrate all things Mines Robotics!

A New Program

Official program details will be announced when Mines Robotics’ new website launches, but in the meantime, the most important points are:

  • Certificate students will take one course each from our four focus areas: Perception, Cognition, Action, and Interaction.
  • Masters students (including combined BS+MS students!) will take an additional 18 elective credits.
  • PhD students will take a further six elective credits and complete coursework- and research-based qualifiers before moving on to full-time doctoral research.

A New Platform

The Mines Robotics blog will be used to showcase the great people and research at Mines Robotics. We’ll be posting feature articles about the exciting research being done at Mines, profiles of our faculty and students, and news highlights about the accomplishments of our powerhouse undergraduate robotics club.

To Learn More

More details will be available when the Mines Robotics website launches. In the meantime, you can read more about Mines Robotics in the official Mines Newsroom article about the program launch, and you can follow us @MinesRobotics for live updates.




Official Hub for the Robotics Program at the Colorado School of Mines

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Tom Williams

Tom Williams

Tom Williams is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines, where he directs the MIRRORLab.

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