A day in the Life of a QA Engineer (& her rabbit sidekick)

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4 min readMar 3, 2023


Hello, I’m Angel! I am a QA Engineer working from MING Labs Suzhou office in China.

When you work as a QA Engineer, your mission is to monitor and test product quality to find problems and ensure that customers get a high-quality experience. I enjoy the process of making things better, as well as working in a very logical way.

Come with me on a typical day with the development team!

9:30 am– On my way to the office

On the metro on my way to work, I’m accompanied by Cape the Rabbit! It’s my all-purpose tool; I can wear it when I’m at work, and I can use it when I go out. It works handy both as a cape but also as a blanket. And it’s so Kawaii!

10:00 am — Arrive at the office

After arriving at the office, the first thing I do is check the e-mails, meetings and jira messages. I do my daily schedule according to what needs to be prioritised. Then I have some snacks as breakfast in the form of apples, nuts and milk(This is our office snack).

10:30 am — Focus time

I have two projects to test today. One project has completed its work on phase 1, but there are still some problems with customer service feedback, and it needs performance testing. The other is an ongoing project. I need to test some stories that have been developed and completed to see if they hold up. I write test cases and execute these use cases. When I meet issues, I record them. In a nutshell, I track the issues so we can develop products with as few to no issues as possible.

At my desk 🐰

Above you can see the test tool I will use today — called Jmeter. I use this tool to complete my pressure test task and write pressure test reports.

13:00 pm — Lunch time

This is my lunch. I made it at home! I really enjoy the process of cooking. It’s also a way to de-stress and enjoy peace of body and mind. Of course, Cape the Rabbit is with me as a blanket during my break.

3:30 pm — Internal Review Meeting

Today we had an internal review for the design team. We usually do brainstorming on a specific module. I enjoy the discussions, my clever colleagues always have a lot of good ideas that I sometimes can learn a lot from.

The working atmosphere in Ming is very good. There are some irregular team-building activities, such as going to an Escape Room and doing exciting challenges. We also sometimes go together to KTV (Karaoke!) to enjoy k songs and release pressure. Or team up in the office to play Switch games like Chaos Fighting.

We use a whiteboard to track the discussions of our project requests. I made it cute to celebrate our year of the rabbit! 🐰

Once the requirements logic from the meeting is written down, we discuss it together. This clarified the function points of the test cases and ensured we did not miss some important logic.

4:00 pm — My communication tool — Jira

I return to my focus time and Jira to manage the project and track progress. After the testing, I report the bugs I found through Jira to urge developers to fix the issues within a specified time frame. The developers and designers will receive a mail to check the issues.

7:00 pm — Finish today’s work, then go home😄

It’s time to go home! Before I leave the office, I align what work is finished with my daily schedule and write down what I need to do in the next days on a note. I like to track my progress this way. It prevents me from losing any important tasks and works as a daily review of my work.

Thank you for coming along with all the cute animals and me!

Written by Angel Ge

Edited by Sindre Rydhard




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