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How We Turned A Bottle of Egg Whites into an Award-Winning Health Food Brand

Working with Pumperlgsund’s founders, we branded and built a delightful consumer experience for the health-focused lifestyle product.

The Pumperlgsund team with their chosen investor, Frank Thelen, on the set of Die “Höhle der Löwen”.
  • We needed to explain to consumers why they should buy bottles of egg whites. People knew what egg white was, but during our user interviews, the first question they asked was: “What should I do with it?”
  • We also needed to explain why egg protein is good for their bodies, and why we were separating it from the yolks.

Working on a Winning Solution: Brand Elements

The Name

First, we needed a name that would communicate the key value proposition of the product: health. Because the founders and their target market are German, we worked through several iterations, finally settling on Pumperlgsund, a word that relates to health and being in motion, similar to the idea of a pumping heart.

Logo, Colours, Font

We chose curves and round shapes to convey the fact that the egg whites are natural and organic. We developed three key attributes (Natural, Pure & Sporty) and created mood boards to capture the company’s spirit. Given that Pumperlgsund sells high quality organic food, we decided on green and white to highlight the premium and organic contents. The colour green also elicits the idea of something that is healthy, alive and good.

Some early color variations.

Packaging: The Bottle

We faced many questions when on the search for the perfect packaging: What is the perfect bottle shape? Glass or plastic? Transparent or opaque? What kind of cap should we use?

Physics at work: Testing out bottle shapes for robustness, and how foamy the bottle makes the egg whites.
Early digital mock-ups.
The final product.

The Website

Together with the animated logo, we created realtime liquid and glass distortion effects to explain the product, its value and how to use egg whites in a concise and attractive way.


The fully responsive website was built on Django CMS. We used WebGL (hardware-accelerated 3D graphics) for realtime renderings to tell the story in a unique way, and utilised parallax scrolling to build a seamless narrative.


MING Labs’ Chief Creative Officer, Marc Seefelder, highlighted the importance of a strong team and a great client as key to creating the right conditions for Pumperlgsund’s success.

Awards and Results

Pumperlgsund has won awards for both its packaging and digital experience design:

  • CSS Winner: Site of the Day on June 16, 2016
  • The Lovie Awards: Silver Winner 2016 in category ‘Food & Beverage’
  • Webby Awards: 2016 Honoree in category ‘Food & Drink’
Pumperlgsund mentioned in UXPIN’s Web Design Trends 2017, amongst many others.

The Team Behind Pumperlgsund



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