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Survival Instincts Are Fatal to Innovation Success: Here’s Why

Trying to maintain the status quo in a digital landscape will likely kill you, and why Business Design is an essential discipline.

  1. You must perform your due diligence like a venture capitalist.
  2. The capital you are investing in startups are the profits of your agency.
  1. They get handed opportunities in their early stages before anyone knows about them.
  2. They have control over the quality of the product or service that gets developed for the business.
  1. There are many would-be entrepreneurs that will talk you into investing your time and your team’s time into their idea. You must become good at picking the right ones.
  2. You still need to pay salaries and possibly forego paying jobs to do this work.
Apptitude’s home: EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne (Credits: Apptitude Sàrl)
An app Michael and his Apptitude team built for the UNIL sports team at EPFL (Credits: Apptitude Sàrl)
Michael with his team at Apptitude doing a standup (Credits: Apptitude Sàrl)



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