What Makes MING Labs a Great Place To Work?

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4 min readFeb 17, 2022


Recently, MING was recognized by Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work for in 2022. We couldn’t be prouder! Because this certification reflects the dedication and commitment we have to provide a fun and rewarding workplace for our international team. For more than a decade, we’ve been designing innovative and sustainable solutions that create a brighter future together — and we look forward to tackling new, cutting-edge projects with our amazing team in the future.

But what actually helped us achieve this recognition? In this article, we walk you through some practices and approaches at MING Labs, shared by our MINGions themselves as well as MING’s leadership team.

What do our MINGions say?

At MING, trust is one of the values that we, well, value the most. Not surprisingly, being able to work freely without being micromanaged is something that makes people feel good about the workplace and helps build positive relationships. As they say: “Management trusts us to do a good job without watching over our shoulders.”

Being kept in the loop about important changes within the company is found as equally important. In fact, communication, according to research done in the workspace ecosystem, is one of the top elements that make a place desirable to work at. By sharing news with our employees about what is happening across global offices, we not only increase their confidence in the business and their wellbeing but also encourage them to share concerns and ideas.

“Management keep me informed about important issues and changes, are approachable and easy to talk to.”

At MING, we believe that fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and celebrating new ideas — no matter who you are, what you’ve done for the company or how long you’ve worked here — are vital to creating a fully accepting and appreciative work environment. Also, our MINGions love having the freedom to manage their time and accomplish jobs. This helps everyone be more creative and productive — because most of us are better at focusing on creative tasks when we have more flexibility in our schedules.

Of course, we work hard, but we also make time for fun. We have regular team lunches and drinks, MING anniversary celebrations with boat trips and kayaking, that help us wind down and celebrate our achievements together and create a positive impact on the people and environment around us. We regularly organize volunteer sessions through our CSR initiatives. See our team below helping out at a local rescue dog shelter!

What does MING’s leadership team say?

MING has a collegial culture and leadership team that plays a crucial role in how everyone feels while working at the company. We like to describe ourselves as one big MING family, with leadership, employees and alumni staying connected also outside of our day-to-day work. COO and Co-Founder Sebastian Mueller describes it this way:

“It’s our people who make MING a Great Place to Work every single day. I am humbled and grateful to be able to work with this group of smart, professional and lovely people.”

“At MING, we value every employee and give everyone equal opportunities to voice their opinions and perform their best. We encourage an environment that’s built on our values of curiosity, entrepreneurship and respect” — says Matthias Roebel, CEO of MING Labs.

We do hope our marketing team did a good job writing this article to make you curious about MING. Want to know more about our ways of working and about our talented bunch of people? Behold, here comes the call to action: Check out our website or say hi at hello@minglabs.com.

MING Labs is a leading digital business builder located in Berlin, Munich, New York City, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Singapore. We guide clients in designing their businesses for the future, ensuring they are leaders in the field of innovation.

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We are a leading digital business builder located in Munich, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, and Suzhou. For more information visit us at www.minglabs.com