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Ford China VPA in EVOS. Source: https://www.autocarindia.com/car-news/ford-evos-crossover-revealed-at-the-shanghai-auto-show-2021-420560

When AI Meets Brand Mascots. The Wonderful World Of Chinese Digital Assistants.

Ford China VPA within Mustang Mach-E. Credit: Ford & MING Labs
Various China Auto VPAs. Composition: MING Labs

The History Of Virtual Personal Assistants

The New Generation Of VPAs

NIO’s VPA, Nomi. Credit: NIO
Bestune (一汽奔腾) Hologram VPAs. Credit: MING Labs
XiaoP VPA, Version 1 — From Xiaopeng G3 SUV
Source: https://www.xiaopeng.com
XiaoP VPA Version 2 — From Xiaopeng G3 SUV. Credit: MING Labs
Enovate 天际汽车 VPA. Credit: MING Labs
HYCAN合创汽车 VPA — A joint venture between NIO and GAC where the Nomi legacy is apparent. Credit: MING Labs

Next Steps For Virtual Personal Assistants

Various Nomi Accessories. Credit: http://nio.com.

Considerations When Building A VPA

Ford China VPA transition from Idle state to Expressive. Credit: MING Labs.
Ford China VPA Joke State. Credit: MING Labs.
Ford China VPA — Transition to Music Morph. Credit: Ford & MING Labs
Ford China VPA — Various States & Expressions. Credit: Ford & MING Labs

Looking Ahead

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MING Labs is a leading digital business builder located in Berlin, Munich, New York City, Shanghai and Singapore. We guide clients in designing their businesses for the future, ensuring they are leaders in the field of innovation.

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We are a leading digital business builder located in Munich, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, and Suzhou. For more information visit us at www.minglabs.com

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