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Mingle part 2

Ok, so it’s been a few weeks since we announced Mingle .. and wow, just wow. All I can say is thank you!

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I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support, sign-ups and messages that you shared. It’s always humbling to know that we are not alone in our desire and mission to connect people.

Secondly, married people … are you ok? The number of you that were ready to fight me for excluding you is … interesting. But seriously, I get it. The lack of third spaces affects all of us, but the PM in me believes in starting with a small MVP and expanding. There will be Mingle for Marrieds (see what I did there 😉) very soon, but we’re sticking to our decision to keep Mingle for Singles. (I promise I’ll stop)

Ok … So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we have another announcement! We’re ready for our very first Mingle event!

You’re invited to a Mingle Space

On the 31st of August, 2023, we’ll be hosting 20 men and women (and yes, it will be an even split) at a secret location. Our goal will be to have a diverse group, and we aim to be as fair and transparent as possible in choosing who gets invited. There’ll be food and drinks (included in your ticket and the ability to order more if you’re hungry)


You already know I love some rules. And we really want this to be a great time for all, so here’s what you’ll have to suffer while you’re with us.

  1. Be On Time: We know … we know … it’s Lagos, and it is impossible to predict when you’ll get somewhere. So we’ve built in a one-hour buffer to the start time. You can show up anytime between 5-6, but anything later will attract a penalty. And trust me, I will make the punishment as embarrassing as I possibly can and I am an extremely creative person.
  2. No Phones: We are very serious about this. Sheila or I will be at the door to check you in and collect all your distractions. Phones, smartwatches and anything that can distract you should be dropped off. We want you to focus on the experience. It’s waaaay too easy to pull into yourself and focus on that email from that one person you should have answered before you got there.
  3. It’s a safe space: Our goal is to have a diverse group. There will be people who believe things you don’t or have made choices you don’t agree with. You don’t have to agree with anyone; but you do have to be respectful. We encourage you to ask questions, as long as they’re with good intentions. However, no one is required to answer your questions. And the same goes for you. In fact, we have our own version of a “safe word”. If you don’t feel comfortable about anything, simply tap something around you three times, and we’ll change the subject. Sheila and I will also interject if we feel things are getting too … … passionate.
  4. Bring your authentic self: Shakespeare once said … the world is a play, and we’re all actors. He knew more than anyone the masks we wear to play the roles of daily life. This is an opportunity to drop the mask and be the person you wish you could be in those private moments before you fall asleep. No judgement.
  5. PLEASE Don’t be boring: We have some little activities scattered throughout the evening to help us get to know each other, and while they are fun, we need you to make the night spectacular. And trust me, I know there’s something in the human brain that shuts down the instant someone uses the word “ice-breaker”, but please try to push through and participate. I don’t want to force you to engage … but I will in the nicest, kindest way I know how.

And that’s it. Simple enough, right? I wanted them to be longer, but someone is giving me death glares, so I’ll stop here.

If you signed up, you’ll receive an email inviting you to pay to reserve your spot (You’ll get a refund (less transaction fees) and priority pick for the next one if you’re not chosen)

If you haven’t already signed up and want to join us, click here to apply. Once we’ve reviewed and approved, you’ll get the email to pay to reserve your spot.

That’s all from me.

So excited to see you on the 31st!

PS: here’s some logistics, stuff and general FAQs

  • What will the split be?
    It’s going to be an even gender split (well, as even as we can make it)
  • How many people will there be?
    We’re aiming for an even number, so it will be 18–20
  • What does the fee include?
    It includes finger foods and cocktails … but if you’re super hungry you’ll be able to order a meal (at an additional cost) if you want
  • Where will we be hanging out?
    You’ll find out the exact venue when you’ve paid and been invited. But it will be somewhere in Victoria Island
  • What will we be doing?
    It’s kinda a secret … but we promise it’ll be fun.
  • How can I help Mingle?
    We got asked this a lot. And the simple answer is give us money. I’m joking (kinda), but if you have a venue and want to volunteer to host a Mingle event, please do so here;



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