MingoCoin Bounty Program

Bounty economics overview:

  • Bounty will represent 2% of issued coins after the pre-sale has closed.
  • This bounty pool is split across marketing activities as outlined in the following table:
Image for post
Image for post
  • Each particular activity is awarded a proportion of the pool, and stakes are granted for each action within the activity.
  • At the end of the pre-sale, all the stakes are added up. You are awarded a proportion of the available bounty for that particular activity, based on the relative number of stakes you have in that pool.

For example. The 2% bounty ends up representing 1,000 coins.

  • The email/newsletter activity is being awarded 5% of these — 50 coins.
  • Each person who was on the mailing list on each Monday was awarded 1 stake. The longer you are on the mailing list, the more stakes you receive.
  • Imagine you were on the mailing list for 5 weeks. You were awarded 5 stakes.
  • There were 45 other stakes in the activity. You receive (5/50) * 50 = 5 coins as a reward.

Detailed breakdown of bounty activity

Bounty for email/newsletter subscription (5%)

You only needs to visit our website and enter your email address into the form. You receive 10 stakes for doing this. Duplicate emails will not be accepted. Only one email address per individual.

We will not provide public tracking of this, as we do not want to reveal your email.

Signature campaign on bitcointalk (30%)

Register your participation here.

  • A minimum of 10 post a week for bounties to count
  • Different tiers: 1) Member and Jr. member: 180 stakes per week, 2) Full member: 300 stakes per week, 3) Sr. member, Hero and Legendary: 480 stakes per week
  • Spam is not allowed and will not be rewarded stakes — the bounty manager will be reviewing posts to ensure compliance
  • Negative trust score is forbidden from participating
  • User must wear signature during the whole campaign.
  • Signatures can be found here.

Thank you for participating — you can track our monitoring here.

Facebook Likes (10%)

Register your participation here.

  • Participants must Like the Mingo Facebook page, here: https://www.facebook.com/GoMingoCoin
  • Participants gain stakes depending on their action: 1) Every post from MingoCoin liked gets 60 stakes, 2) Comments on a MingoCoin post get 120 stakes, 3) Public sharing of any MingoCoin post gets 180 stakes
  • Make privacy settings open
  • Have at least 300 friends

The list of participants is being updated and analysed once per week. Multiple accounts registrations are not allowed, all related accounts will not be checked and credited.

You can track our monitoring of this activity here.

Twitter Followers (10%)

Register your participation here.

  • Participants must Follow Mingo on Twitter, here: https://twitter.com/mingocoin
  • Participants gain stakes for every retweet or mention (@MingoCoin): 1) 60 stakes for under 150 followers, 2) 120 stakes for under 500 followers, 3) 300 stakes for over 1000 followers

The list of participants is being updated and analysed once per week. Multiple accounts registrations are not allowed, all related accounts will not be checked and credited.

You can track our monitoring of this activity here.

Blogs and Youtube (25%)

Register your participation here.

  • Blogs that are written about Mingo in any language and which are publicly accessible online receive a bounty.
  • The blogs must fulfill 3 criteria: 1) Have 1000 characters or more without counting spaces, 2) need to hyperlink to the MingoCoin.com website at least twice, and 3) need to have unique content (translations from [ANN] do not count and are a separate bounty).
  • Youtube Videos must fulfill 3 criteria: 1) Contain at least 2 minutes of MingoCoin content, 2) be viewed by at least 100 people, and 3) provide a link to MingoCoin.com in the description.
  • Blogs and Youtube videos are divided into 3 categories and receive different stakes: 1) Basic get 60 stakes, 2) Medium receive 180 stakes, 3) Exceptional receive 360 stakes
  • It is in the complete discretion of the bounty managers which category a blog or Youtube video falls into.

You can track our monitoring of this activity here.

Translation and Forum/Telegram moderation (20%)

If [ANN] Bitcointalk thread hasn’t been translated into your translation language yet, you are able to contribute and earn stakes. In order to do so the user must send an email to bounty@mingocoin.com to confirm the translation and make sure no one else is doing it yet.

  • User gets 600 stakes for translation
  • Once user translated he receives an extra 30 stakes per moderation comment on his thread
  • Telegram moderation will be monitored and warded at the Mingo team’s discretion. If an award is justified a minimum of 30 stakes and a maximum of 300 stakes will be issued in a single week.

You can track our monitoring of this activity here.


  1. After the pre-sale has been finished, the bounty programme will close.
  2. At this point, final comments from participants will be considered for 24 hours before the public monitoring documents are considered final.
  3. The total bounty pool will be calculated, and the number of MGT that 2% represents will be set aside for distribution.
  4. Each activity pool will then be awarded the relevant number of MGT based on their % of the total bounty pool.
  5. The total number of stakes earned by every participant in an activity pool is then calculated — to generate the total activity pool stakes (TAPS).
  6. The number of MGT available to the pool is then divided by the TAPS to generate the MGT to be awarded per stake earned (MGTPS).
  7. Each individual participant’s MGT award will then be calculated by multiplying the number of stakes they have earnt by the MGTPS.
  8. Each bounty participant will be asked to provide a wallet address.
  9. Mingo will send the relevant MGT amount to every participant’s provided wallet address within 72.


We trust the community, and want everyone to have a successful bounty campaign together. We therefore reserve the right to make amendments to these rules if they are abused, or misused.

We are here to help you participate in this bounty, and you can reach us at any point as below:

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to having you on our journey over the years to come.

Team Mingo


EMAIL — Kept private.



  • Form to participate here.
  • Monitoring here.


  • Form to participate here.
  • Monitoring here.


  • Form to participate here.
  • Monitoring here.


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