About Me

My name is Minho.

  • I love burgers, and noodles
  • I love sleeping in.
  • I remember a lot of [useless] facts.

At some point in my daily life, I came to a point of realisation that I wanted to be a changer and pursue something different.

I was always intrigued by the thought and reasoning behind our decisions and actions.

  • Whether it be when I was serving customers; in store, or online, always wondering why they were purchasing what they were.
  • When I would take photos, I would always ask myself whether/if a story could be told from it? For example:
Borneo, Malaysia 2013
  • And especially in this age where technology and human interaction is every growing, how this relates with our logic and behavior.

That’s when I stumbled upon what we call User Experience Design…

Knowing that all these thoughts that occupied my head space, could be something that I can call a ‘career’ and be able to design and refine the processes for our everyday users, I decided to become a UX designer.