A Letter to My Bookshelves

Of love, gratitude and good memories

Nayanika Saikia
Mini Mailer


Image by the author

My dearest shelves,

As I sit here, surrounded by your sturdy presence and the tales you hold, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and affection. You are not just wooden planks and brackets; you are the guardians of my treasures, the custodians of my imagination, and the silent storytellers of my life.

Oh, the journeys you’ve witnessed! From the pages of worn-out classics to the unexplored worlds of fantasy, you’ve been there, faithfully holding every adventure and every emotion. You’ve cradled the weight of knowledge, allowing wisdom to seep through the bindings of countless books that now stand shoulder to shoulder, creating a mosaic of stories. Some of your pages have accompanied my mother’s coming of age, and helped form my aunt’s dreams and hopes.

Your shelves have become the landscape of my dreams. Each book placed meticulously is a portal to a different realm, a doorway to enlightenment, a whisper of someone else’s truth waiting to be discovered. You’ve been a canvas for my aspirations, showcasing not just literature but a reflection of my evolving self.

You’ve seen me in my moments of joy, finding solace in the familiar spines that line your tiers. You’ve stood witness to tears shed over tragic endings and…