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Dear Co-editor, Vashni

Letter of gratitude

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Dear Vashni Stories,

I cannot find a better place to thank you for the support you have offered to me and our publication.

It has almost been a year since I stopped involving actively in Mini Mailer. I had abandoned it for some months. At some point, I had even decided to take this entire thing down. When I told this to you, you understood me and stepped up to make this publication a bit lively with your prompt series. Thank you so much, Vashni. When I confided in you that I was in a bad place, and I wasn’t even able to frame and type a complete sentence, you supported me — I could draw my strength from the fact that, I found a good friend, and an amazing co-editor.

And yes, life throws some miracles and happiness like confetti, and I found my lucky stars in them. I am almost back to old Vidya, and I look forward to implementing all the crazy ideas you have for this publication. Shall we start planning with a video call then? :P Always happy to connect.

While I had been re-reading your previous letter write-ups, I couldn’t help but feel more grateful to have you on our tiny team. Thanks a ton, Vashni. I love you.

P.S: Your Letter to bookstore and Letter to Art galleries are my all time favorite!

Hola Amigos, hope everything is all good with you. It has been so long since I had connected with you. Let’s catch up?

While I was writing this letter to Vashni, I thought it would be a good idea to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the writers who inspire us, help us, or just to the writers you just love, by writing letters. This way we get to connect with more amazing people and you get to thank them for their amazing work. But for now, we restrict to just Medium writers.

In short, write letters to your favorite Medium writers, and thank them or appreciate them in a more personalized form — through letters.

Mini Mailer Community:

Divya S, Kevin E. Pittack Jr., Abhishek Chandra, Pallavi Agarwal Akash Tripathi Amrita Mishra Ana Echeagaray Ananna Dristy Anu Anniah Anushka Prasad A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) Boronna Choudhury Ankit Bhandari Brina Patel Thasanya Jayasumana Diksha Singh Preeti Goel Ametaf Fatima Martinez Sadhana G Vashni Stories Kavana Anklekar Kit Campoy Lumos Leviosa Mahnoor Chaudhry Neha Suresh Ellison O. Meghna N Felishia La-Shae Nayanika Saikia Dr. Preeti Singh Priscilla M. Rachella Angel Page Raji Pillay Bob Pepe Rummy Kaur Siham Sarawat Sofia St. John Stefan Grieve Sujona Chatterjee Sushmita Singh Sushritha Danturi Nicole Stewart Orange Gildersleeve Alyssa Chua Annelise Lords Samantha Radefeld Vedant Veenakshi Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles Vipula Gupta VIRGO Xandra Okori Yamin Ohmar Yong Yee Chong Rana Danielle Hestand Amanda Laughtland Yana Bostongirl

If you would like to be added or removed from this nomination/prompt, do let me know in the comments or via private note.



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