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Dear Conflicted Soul

Should you gaze too deeply through shattered glass, you would be risking it in unleashing the madness within.

Photo by Klim Musalimov on Unsplash

Everything feels as though it is muddled with uncertainty, riddled with forgotten details that are imperative to be known. The catastrophic repercussions of dipping your toes into the murky waters of mystery feel like they are peering over your shoulder with glee, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce and attack.

Diving headfirst into these waters is completely out of the question.

The intensity is incredibly profound. You can feel your brain pulse rapidly against your skull, forming a dull ache in your head. Your strained eyes strived to see a vivid picture of the massive decision to be made, but to no avail.

How excruciatingly painful is it to fight to have one clear image of what your mind is trying yet constantly failing to tell you?

It’s like sifting through a stack of hay the size of an ocean, searching for a needle, and even if you’ve miraculously found it — trying to understand what the needle means was another frustrating challenge of its own.

It’s like peering through shattered glass. The answer is right in front of you, and yet, it’s so fragmented to the point where there’s no way you could comprehend what it actually is. Shards of glass scattered haphazardly everywhere, each containing 1/100th of the answer you are struggling to acquire.

It isn’t impossible to glue back the shattered glass together, but it is far too strenuous of a task for you to fulfil on your own. There is strength in numbers — and the million glass shards are conspiring against you, for you are just one person.

But seek the help of others, and you will prevail.

Lending hands swooping down to lift you up and help glue the pieces together will aid in you coming out victorious in seeing the clear picture. Just when you believed that there was simply no way to rise to the surface of these raging waters, a lifeline was thrown to you.

And you grabbed it.

Could it be the case that everything would now change? Is it possible to once again feel that long forgotten spark of hope? Would life relent and let you breathe again?

You couldn’t wait to find out. More importantly, you couldn’t wait to set your eyes on the picture you’ve been trying to piece together for so long.

Thanks to those who have provided their help, and your willingness to accept their help, it was ready for you to see.



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