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Dear Me

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Since you have been brought into this world, you have been referred to as the “weak” or “frail” child out of your siblings. You can’t exactly say anything to deny this claim, because in all truth, you are the weak sibling. You have a past evidenced with many instances where you’ve fallen ill over nothing, and getting sick over things that genuinely justify the way you felt under the weather.

But why did you keep getting randomly sick, without a justification? Why do you still get periods of time where you would fall terribly ill overnight without a proper explanation to back you up?

The tiniest bit of stress acts as a mighty sword that slashes you ruthlessly, and you are left a sick mess all night long because of it. And waking up the next afternoon is like having everyone holding their breath, too petrified of the possibility of falling ill once again if you make any abrupt movement, or eat the wrong thing. Why does this happen? You have been to several doctors, and all of them claimed the same two things: one, it is all psychological, and two, you have a highly sensitive digestive system. Add both things together, and you have a catastrophe on your hands. The moment you start to feel that all too familiar queasy feeling, you know what’s coming. You immediately know that you’re in for a rough night.

Any pressure, any stress, any anger, any sadness — and you are physically ill the next day.

One thing you are certain of, is that you no longer want to feel this way. You no longer want to allow these things to impact your physical health, and you don’t want it to affect your overall life. So, how do you overcome this? What exactly acts as a weak point that allows this pain to happen? Is it your lack of physical exercise (because let’s face it, you don’t move enough)? Is it a matter of adopting a better nutritional diet? Or could it possibly be a matter of changing your surroundings entirely, and surrounding yourself with different people that don’t trigger the negative list above?

Perhaps it’s a matter of changing your entire lifestyle altogether. Maybe you need to take better care of your body by regularly exercising, and eating healthier. Maybe you need to simultaneously nurture your mind through meditation and strengthening your spiritual connection with God. Maybe you need to train your mind not to panic over every minor inconvenience.

You don’t want to be referred to as the frail child anymore out of your siblings. You want to be strong, healthy, and resilient. You push yourself too hard to achieve great things in life, but at what cost? Nothing will ever be worth more than your health, whether physical or mental. So, remind yourself of this awfully crucial fact every time you start to feel the weight of something on your health. I beseech you to take a step back and reassess whether whatever it is you’re doing is worth you falling ill.

Because trust me, it is not, nor will it ever be.



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