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Dear Minerva McGonagall — You Are the True Essence of a Woman

Because you show what it takes to be a strong independent woman in a man’s world with sheer finesse.

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Dear Minerva McGonagall,

As there is no Hogwarts without Hagrid, Hogwarts cannot exist without you in it. Because if Dumbledore is the mind of the school, you are the heart.

If I were at Hogwarts, I would so wish to be sorted in Gryffindor only because then you would be my headmistress. And to be under your mentorship would be learning what it takes to be a strong and independent woman in a man’s world.

Your firm conviction to stand for what’s right no matter the situation was reflected in the first year when Harry was at Hogwarts. When Harry, Ron and Hermione were out of bed, and Malfoy informed them, you punished Harry, Ron, Hermione and Malfoy — the spiteful informant. How then can one not have their hearts melting for you and your just decisions?

You Believe, Children Deserve to Know the Truth

Even though you are seen as the bold and no-nonsense sort of a woman at Hogwarts, you have a heart of gold that reveals its inner child once in a while. The sheer excitement when you noticed Harry’s potential of being Gryffindor’s seeker or when you always wanted to use that spell during Voldemort’s attack on Hogwarts or when you showed finesse during the Yule Ball while teaching students the art of dance. These and many more moments reflected that hidden inner child in you and showcased the gift of nurturing that resides in every woman.

You aren’t afraid to reveal the darkest truth when asked. You see, usually, teachers would refrain from giving bad news to their students. But you always believed to say things as it is to students no matter what their age. You believed all children possess responsible minds, and this was seen when you revealed the story of ‘the Chamber of Secrets’.

How then can one not admire you and your honesty because bad news is always hidden from children. However, your faith in young minds and their creative intelligence was why Hogwarts remained open to students once Harry, Ron and Hermione figured out a way to deal with the mysterious killings. Which again was only possible when you spoke about the situation as it was.

Women Can Indeed Have It All

Now that I am a grown woman, you are for me the true ‘essence of a woman’. Your mere existence shows that women can have it all if only they firmly stand their ground and believe in their goals. You define what it takes to be an independent woman in a man’s world, and that too not in a man-hating way. But through achieving career milestones and winning the admiration of people by just being yourself and following the path of righteousness no matter how much the truth hurts or how long that path would take to achieve success.

You are more than just a character for me in the Harry Potter books. You are my idol, my mentor and my guide whenever I need to lift myself when life and opinions pull me down. And when I deal with a tough day, I stand in front of the mirror after a good cry with my back straight and head held high. And I picture you being the unabashedly honest person you are whose witty replies set people straight and wouldn’t dare to mess with you ever again. That gives me the immense motivation to think straight, figure out a witty line to give back to those who do not believe in me and keep working towards my goals and kill their ego by achieving new career milestones.

Yours truly,
A woman who wishes to be like you someday.

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