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Dear Teabox

Thanks for bringing colors and flavors to my brown and black life

Photo by Massimo Rinaldi on Unsplash

There was a time when I associated green tea with bitterness and blandness. I resented even to take a sip. But now, I would gladly have two large cups of green tea, with the enthusiasm I never know from where it comes. And I will give credit to you.

Your first introduction to me was with the flavor “Chamomile.” As the yellow hot liquid seeped through my throat into my tummy, I knew my heart leaped, and my brain sparked with the freshness. I fell in love with you, then and there.

I love you more for the colors that decorate the tea packets and the smells that waft my nostril as soon as I open them than for the tastes they give me. I know my olfactory nerves enjoy the pure, fresh, and strong smells that your every flavor offers.

Dear Mint flavor: I love your sweet-sour taste. You are my favorite.

Dear Chamomile flavor: You are my first love.

Dear Dandelion flavor: Your smell is enough to tempt me.

Dear Detox Kahwa flavor: What are you so strong? Anyway, one cup of you, and I know my nose is on track.

Dear Rose flavor, and Hibiscus cinnamon clove flavor: I love your color more than taste.

Dear Turmeric Ginger Tulasi flavor: Thanks for saving me from my persistent mother, who insists I drink turmeric milk whenever my throat goes haywire. I can now place you in the middle of the battlefield for the negotiation.

Dear Jasmine flavor, your aroma is enough to rejuvenate my dull(and dumb?) brain.

And to every other flavor out there which I haven’t mentioned, know that you have a tiny part of my heart with you.

Now, every evening I look forward to the time when one hand cradles a hot cup of my favorite “Teabox” green tea and the other, a book — one of my little joys of life.

Thank you, my dear “Teabox,” for replacing your colors and flavors of tea with my bland, black and white coffee. Thank you for helping me to prioritize my health.

Hope to taste your wide range of tea flavors and experience the essence of each culture of tea from Kashmir to Kanyakumari!



With love,
Your devotee :p



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